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Top Space Saving Hacks For Your Kitchen

Cooking, eating, and hanging out in the kitchen are some of the best things you can do at home. But the problem is that most kitchens are either cramped or messy. Some people don’t even know what to do with the space they have in the kitchen or how they can organize everything to make their kitchens more efficient.

Don’t worry, I have some top space-saving hacks for your kitchen to help you. Hopefully, you can turn your current kitchen into a kitchen where you can do many things without being obstructed. If you’re not sure where to begin, hire a professional kitchen remodeling partner (such as Kitchensbyrupp.com in Portland) to make the most of your space in a modern and efficient way.


Integrate appliances into your kitchen island

The kitchen island is like the center of your kitchen. It is such a lovely spot, yet it needs plenty of space in the kitchen. But what does that mean is by integrating appliances into your kitchen island, you can save up a lot of space and make the kitchen island more useful. You also have plenty of options here. For example, you can integrate a wine fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and the most popular one, an integrated kitchen bin.

Having an integrated kitchen bin can easily throw your waste away while cooking or eating in the kitchen. Place the kitchen bin somewhere you usually cut down ingredients and/or eat your food. Being able to throw your waste away really helps your kitchen stay clean.

Use more jars

Jars are easily one of the best things to store your spices and other ingredients. Not only are jars affordable and durable, but they are also available in various sizes and materials. Get enough jars for what you need, then organize them however you want. It is incredible how much jars can improve the look and cleanliness of your kitchen. Furthermore, you can proudly display your spices in the kitchen. So put the jars on open shelves and show everyone what you’ve got.

Use a rolling kitchen cart

A rolling kitchen cart is such a simple thing, yet it is somewhat underrated. The reason why a rolling kitchen cart is great, is that not only it can store a lot of stuff for your kitchen, but you can also quickly move it in and out of the kitchen. The top of the cart is like an extra workspace for you, while the rest of the cart provides you with space to store your items. You can also use the cart for various things, from foods to kitchen utensils. The choice is yours.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves are always an excellent solution for people who want to save space. They are helpful not only for the kitchen but also for other parts of the house. If your kitchen has empty walls, it is time to take advantage of them. Feel free to adjust the length and thickness of the wall shelves. Adjust them based on the available space and what kinds of items you want to put on the shelves.

Pullout chopping board

Still, you can try installing a pullout chopping board in the spirit of integrated appliances. This is actually a common thing among travelers. I am talking about people who travel and sleep in their cars. They always have a pullout chopping board because it is just that good.

A pullout chopping board is a perfect solution for small kitchens. Pull out the chopping whenever you need and slide it in when you are done. Considering how easy it is to slide the chopping board in and out, you can do your meal prep without any problem.

Use hooks

Last but not least, you can always rely on hooks. Hooks are one of the most versatile solutions you can use to save a lot of space. First, you need to install a rack. Next, you can attach as many hooks as you need. Now you can secure all your kitchen utensils and put them on display.


Saving up some space in the kitchen is not as difficult as you may think. There is always a solution, and you can definitely have a lot of fun planning everything. Feel free to experiment to improve your kitchen, from integrated kitchen bins to hooks.

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