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Tips For Moving Out Of The US From The East Coast In 8 Simple Steps

Do you intend to leave the US and settle elsewhere permanently? Well, you’re not alone if you do; 15% of Americans want to leave the country for good. Inflation, climate change, and increasing unaffordability are some factors that have made many parts of America, particularly its East Coast, unlivable. A survey shows that a city like Miami lost 45,000 residents between 2020 and 2021. Now, if you are planning to move out of the 305 and live in another country, this type of relocation can be a bit difficult to accomplish.

This blog shares some valuable insights into international moves. Carefully go through our suggestions and learn how to successfully leave the United States and start a new life in another country:

Research your new home

Do extensive research and narrow down your options when you intend to relocate internationally. You should consider different foreign destinations where a large number of American ex-pats live already. For instance, Canada and Mexico are the most popular choices among Americans.

Moreover, explore visa options; many expatriates regret leaving the US because they don’t dig deep into possible visa pathways. You can apply for a remote work visa if you want to move out of the US and still work. Find the best foreign destinations where you can reside after relocating.

Hire professional movers

Bringing your belongings overseas isn’t easy as you have to go through customs. Also, Miami’s frenzied traffic and unbearable heat can make moving a stressful experience without professional assistance. That’s why you should contact a reliable Miami international moving company to manage relocation out of the States from the East Coast. They’ll pack your stuff, deal with customs, and find the safest mode of transportation to ensure all of your stuff arrives at the destination safely. So, call movers to get instant free quotes online.

After comparing different Miami-based moving companies, find a reliable, BBB-accredited one. Also, get international moving insurance if movers damage any item or lose your valuables.

Pack your belongings wisely

While movers can help you pack your stuff properly, learning a few simple ways to do it yourself never hurts. Start by decluttering so you can pay less for transporting fewer items abroad. It’s smarter to rent a self-storage unit in Miami, Florida, where you can dump all unnecessary items.

Inventory your belongings and take pictures of the stuff being transported by a moving company. It’s for insurance protection. When you start packing your stuff, gather the essential packing supplies, go from to room, and label every box properly. Stack lighter objects on top of the heavier ones. Pack your documents separately.

Notify relevant parties

When moving overseas, notify relevant parties of the change of address. Inform your bank, insurance providers, and utility providers of your international move. Inform the IRS of your decision to relocate overseas, give them your new contact details, and update your mailing address.

You must also schedule the cancellation of all utilities and any magazine/newspaper subscriptions before leaving your home in Miami, USA. Update your social media profiles too.

Manage your finances properly

Moving abroad is an expensive undertaking and may cost you more than $10,000. It is important to budget your international relocation by considering several factors, such as where you are headed and who’s coming with you. Compare the cost of living in another country using sites like Numbeo and Expatistan. Also, move some fraction of your finances overseas while keeping a little of your banking presence in the States if you don’t intend to renounce your citizenship.

Opening a bank account in a foreign country may be tricky, but it’s not entirely unfeasible. You’ll have to research to learn which docs may be required and the tax implications.

Organize your assets

A smooth transition to a foreign country demands you organize your assets wisely before leaving. You just need to ask yourself, “What am I doing to do with my inland and offshore assets?” Some assets, such as gold, silver, and jewelry, are easier to move abroad as compared to hard cash. Discuss with a financial consultant and evaluate your options for offshore investing.

You can also consider opening a self-directed IRA. Besides protecting your assets and tax benefits, self-directed IRAs ensure global financial mobility and flexibility. You can live/work comfortably in another country with this self-directed IRA now.

Get an apartment overseas

Look for a decent apartment in your intended country. However, be very careful when hunting for a home in foreign lands. Always contact a professional who can help you navigate this difficult process. Research the real estate market in that country and utilize online platforms to look into suitable rental properties. For instance, Everything Overseas and International Living are two great platforms to hunt for homes. Visit that house in person and ensure the neighborhood is safe for a resident.

You can also find a roommate to live with you and share the rent to make living much more affordable. With due diligence, you’ll find an appropriate accommodation overseas.

Immerse in the culture

As a citizen of the world, you need to be fluent in at least two languages to navigate your way through the 21st-century business realm. That’s why many expatriates teach themselves the local language after moving out of the US. Statistics show that 89% of ex-pats speak the local language at least a little; one-third speak a second language fluently. When moving out of Miami (where 60% of people speak Espanol) to Spain or Portugal, learning another language should not be that hard for you.


Leaving the United States is a life-changing experience yet a complex procedure to manage. If you’re willing to move out of the East Coast and settle elsewhere, follow the guidelines mentioned in this blog. You need to navigate the immigration process by exploring visa options, finding apartments online, and managing your finances. Hire international movers to transport your belongings across the border, and you’re good.

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