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Things to do in Odessa, Ukraine – Walking tours, nightlife & beaches

Things to do in Odessa Ukraine

Greetings from Odessa,

Let’s discuss things to do in Odessa, Ukraine. I took aolo walking tour through Odessa, it was nice. In case you’re wondering what a “solo walking tour” means, it basically means I just walked around by myself and took random photos of thing.

As a result, lots of photos below. I also want to mention that the beaches here are great. They are very busy but in the best way possible. Also, the nightlife is another popular contender to the best things to do in Odessa question. I’ve been enjoying both, thoroughly and I’m positive you will as well.

There was a walking tour at noon, hooray. Somehow got lost in time and space and didn’t realize it was time to leave until too late, as a result, went on my own walking tour. The kind of tour that shows you everything you were meant to see on this day and nothing more or less. That said, did check out the Saborna, Concert Hall, Opera House, some beaches and other randomness.

Won’t bore you with I did this, I did that style. Just know that Odessa used to play a decent role as as a major city in the former USSR. The local language is Russian and according to a gent from Cali who came here to learn Russian, this is about as Russian as you can get without being in Russia, actually it’s basically the same except different writing on the walls.

Few things I will note though, just attaching one photo of the beach, will make an update about the beach another day… As of now, probably one of my favorite beaches in the world to just “kick it” on. Very friendly vibe, just wish I spoke Russian, why can’t I speak Russian? Oh if only I could speak Russian!

I digress.

Also hit up this grocery store, bought a bunch of stuff and sat on some park bench watching the world go by. I know it sounds like I’m some old guy but honestly, that is what turns my crank. I just love sitting somewhere and watching and when I can, getting involved.

Some things I have noted, Mercedes & Lada are the cars of choice, well one is the car of choice anyways. Most of the blocks are drab on the outside and very uniform, however they all have alley’s going into the center. So each block is a long line that looks boring, in the alley each block is actually hollow and there is life inside the grey abyss. You only find that following a dog with a puffy tail, naturally.

Check this, tomorrow I got asked to volunteer at some summer camp because they “desperately need a native English speaker”. I had plans on diving deep into the nightlife of Odessa but that’s changed. I’ve never taught anything, I don’t even care for kids but I figured… Why not give them the coolest substitute teacher in the world. I will treat the kids as adults with childish interests and tolerate no getting out of line. That or completely embrace the “let’s get out of line” and run a class room tailored to my 8 year old self.

The lady running it just gave me a briefing and I kept notes as though I was in school, this is what I have come up with: musical chairs, “ask Rob anything”, 20 questions to find out the word I have chosen, hang man (hopefully not myself from a tree outside), television and let’s go play outside”.

It’s at some summer camp 30 minutes out of town and someone is picking me up at 8:30am tomorrow morning, how did this happen? Oh well, time for some new experiences for the house of SHABL.

Tips hat,

P.S: It’s father’s day, if you’re lucky enough to have one still kicking, you best call. If you’re in town, you better do something with them. I’m almost 31 and spend my cash freely, do you have any idea how expensive you’ve been? What did he ever ask in return except for you to be happy?

I’d go on but it’s a school day tomorrow… hahahaha!

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