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The Ultimate Guide to Giving Her a Squirting Orgasm

Squirting orgasms are often described as more powerful and longer-lasting than clitoral orgasms. But to make it happen requires a little more patience and careful technique. First, you need to get her turned on. Then, you need to know where her G-Spot is and how to work it. Finally, you must be patient and wait until she climaxes.

Set the Mood

You’ve probably heard the term “squirting” used to describe female ejaculation. It’s the fluid emitted from the vulva in response to sexual stimulation or orgasm. This fluid is odorless, colorless, and watery. It comes out through the urethra and is not the same as vaginal lubrication. Women squirt as they orgasm, and it’s often involuntary. The fluid they squirt will vary – some dribble, and others may gush half a cup. While the amount will vary, most women find squirting exciting and pleasurable. To squirt, women need to be in the right psycho-emotional state. That means relaxing the sphincters and letting the body do what it needs to do. Stimulating the clitoris and g-spot is critical for getting a squirt, but so is stimulating the pelvic floor muscles (also known as the pubococcygeal muscles). The more control she has over these muscles, the better her odds of having a squirting orgasm.

Relax Your Sphincters

Women’s bodies do some pretty amazing things. Squirting, also known as female ejaculation, is one of them. It may seem strange to some people, but it’s an entirely normal part of the sexual response and can be thrilling for both partners. When she’s in the right mood and her clitoris is stimulated enough to squirt, you’ll want to help make it easier to let go by helping her relax her sphincters. Rubbing her G-spot is another way in giving her a squirting orgasm. Try running the tips of your middle and ring finger over and around it in a circular motion with lots of pressure. For some women, this will be enough to cause them to squirt, but for others, it’s just too much. To help her feel relaxed, you can also perform a kegel exercise. These are a series of ten repetitions of clenching and unclenching her pelvic floor muscles, which can strengthen them and make it easier for her to squirt.

Get Her in the Right Mindset

Squirting is a type of female ejaculation that involves the vulva releasing watery, colorless, and odorless liquid through the urethra. It’s different from vaginal lubrication and usually feels pretty good. Squirting is often described as a feeling of freedom and liberation with a deep sense of momentarily letting go and being carefree. It’s essential to help her get in the right mindset for a squirting orgasm so she’s comfortable opening up this intimate area of her body. This can be done by creating a relaxing environment and getting her to focus on herself in the moment. You might even want to spritz her with her favorite perfume or play her favorite song in the background.

Let Her Know It’s OK

Women can be nervous about squirting, thinking it’s dirty, that they will pee, or feel embarrassed. They need to let go of those fears and embrace squirting as part of their sexual experience, a way to explore the internal vaginal tissue and clitoris to find what stimulates them. Another reason she might not squirt is that her vulva isn’t fully aroused yet. The best way to get her ready is by starting with flirting, teasing, and light foreplay. Remember that squirting is messy, and she may squirt fluid over herself or the bed. To avoid a mess, have her try it in the shower first, where any fluid will be easily rinsed off, and she can relax into the experience without feeling worried about getting wet. Also, by putting down a towel or sex blanket before you start, you can give her confidence that the messy aftermath will be easy to clean up.

Keep It Clean

Squirting is a fluid that is similar to female ejaculation. It is watery, odorless, and usually released in response to sexual stimulation. It cannot be evident because some women also produce natural lubrication that can mix with the squirting fluid. Make sure that you use high-quality lube and keep it close by. If you don’t have much experience in this area, starting with some gentle fingering may be helpful. Some girls prefer this type of stimulation more than others and will respond well to it. Lastly, take your time with the process. It can be easy to get overly focused on making her squirt and to push too hard when you should just let her go naturally. Be patient, be consistent, and don’t give up if she doesn’t respond immediately.

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