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The Evolution of Adult Entertainment: From Magazines to Virtual Reality

If you have spent more than five minutes on the internet in your life then you will know that adult entertainment is the most popular form of media that exists there; it is everywhere. Porn is so prolific that it pops up on almost every website you use.

However, the adult entertainment industry didn’t always rely on the internet. In fact, for years people had to read magazines or watch network television to get themselves off. Some people even went to stores that specifically catered to people of this kind and rented videos.

Having Phone Sex

One of the earliest forms of adult entertainment was phone sex. Years ago you could find phone sex numbers published in magazines and newspapers. Since people seldom read these things anymore it’s more common to find phone sex numbers online. If you are interested in using phone sex numbers to get yourself off (which is a great idea, since they can be very erotic) then you need to find one that is personally right for you. Different lines have different types of men and women answering calls. Some lines are dedicated to things like BDSM while others same-sex eroticism.

Before you call into a sex line you need to make sure that you do your research and ensure the one you are calling has good reviews and most importantly of all, affordable prices. You would be surprised at how expensive phone sex can actually be.

Due to the fact that people can now chat with models online (using video chat services) phone sex companies have reduced their prices, making their offerings more affordable for ordinary people like yourself. Even so, you still need to try and get yourself a good deal and save money.

Reading Magazines

Before phone sex, there were magazines. At one time in our nation’s history magazines of this kind were actually criminalised. The distribution of pornography could lead to a period of imprisonment in severe cases. However, things have changed and everybody is free to view pornography if they want to nowadays, provided they are over a certain age.

Pornographic magazines do still exist although they are not as popular as they once were. It is not hard to see why they are not as popular when you consider how many porn sites there are on the internet for people to use.

If you plan on signing up for a magazine subscription then again you need to do your research, read reviews and find the best one that you can. Your main focus when searching for pornographic magazines should be finding ones with models that turn you on.

Typically, the models featured in pornographic magazines change weekly or monthly, so you need to find a specific category that turns you on, i.e., MILFs. Once you have identified a specific category that you are interested in you can then commence searching for pornographic magazines, so you can find the one that is right for you.

Pornographic Videos

Pornographic videos (as in VHS tapes) were very popular for a long time. It’s not hard to see why when you consider the fact that network pornographic programming only became a thing in the last few decades. VHS pornography is not popular anymore and it’s seldom watched by anyone other than people with fetishes for vintage content.

Most VHS porn has now been uploaded and is available online. Models like Lisa Ann, for example, have had their content uploaded online so you don’t have to go out and pick up a VHS player and some tapes to watch her.

In addition to VHS tapes, DVDs became quite popular about two decades ago. However, just as DVDs were coming to prominence network television channels started broadcasting porn, at least in some countries. In addition to network television, by the time pornographic DVDs had started to be released, internet porn was coming into its own and taking the pornographic industry to new heights. The internet made porn instantly accessible in every home in the United States. The best thing about it was that viewers did not have to pay to watch it, they could tune in for free.

Internet Porn

Internet porn is the most popular form of media on the internet, as mentioned in the introduction to this post. It is not hard to see why when you consider that more or less everybody has sexual desires that they need to fulfil. The great thing about internet porn (which was touched upon in the last section) was that for the most part, it is entirely free.

You do not have to pay a penny to watch it. The only time you have to pay for internet porn is if you plan on watching content that has been copyrighted or created by a professional studio. Even then, it’s possible to find nearly all forms of porn uploaded for free somewhere online.

That being said, if you do plan on watching copyrighted content you need to make sure that you do not get into any trouble. Unfortunately, pirated porn is available all over the internet. While it is very unlikely you’ll personally get into any trouble for watching copyrighted porn without the holder’s permission (unless you are the person responsible for releasing and streaming it)  it’s still a bad habit to get into and is against the law.

Live Streaming

Live streamed porn is a type of porn that’s widely available on the internet. It is created by the models themselves, not working for studios. This kind of porn is a lot of fun to watch and can be great for people who enjoy interactive content. The best thing about live porn is that you can actually make direct requests, asking the model you’re watching to do specific things for you, such as play with their breasts or finger themselves. Bear in mind that to make requests on live streams you usually have to pay though.

Porn is a popular form of media and it isn’t hard to see why. Everybody loves getting themselves off. More or less everyone watches porn these days. If you are interested in watching it then why not try out old-school alternatives like phone sex or magazines?

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