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Stockholm, Sweden is Sick

Good day,

It is late. I am on the computer of the lady I met in Thailand nice enough to host me because mine is broken. It had a crack and in an instant of insanity I broke it even more, this time for good. Unlike most, when I get a hole in my pants I tend to keep ripping until the pants have been reduced to rags. Suffice to say I have lost all photos since Spain but they were sh½te anyways so who cares.

This is the first city on my entire trip that within 20 minutes of being here, I thought wow, I could live here. I even had this freakish fantasy of meeting a Swedish girl, getting a job and settling down here. Then I realized the appropriate thing to do is go make serious bank and come back here in a stretched leopard skin limo and lavishly paint the town red while using guide books to light my hand rolled cigars.

Also, for the first time in my life, I saw some ladies come by and my mouth actually opened and I uttered something to the extent of Oh my god and then another time good god. I wish I had a neckbrace and took a photo of a museum from the outside. Why go to an art museum when everywhere I look is art, finely sculpted specimens of the human race, indeed. Coolest building I saw was some massive sinagogue, not sure if that is how you spell it.

I have banned art museums for life, ever since the Canadian gov bought this horrible painting called something of fire for 1,000,000 of tax payer money. It was 3 lousy stripes painted with a roller, that is it. Art, if you want real art, go walk through a forest.

Stockholm also gave me the best deal I have found in Europe, Max burger… 1.5E or 15cr or kr or whatever for a sick burger and a coffee. I drank like 7, not sure if it was a good idea. When taking egregious refills, do not be some sneaky weirdo. Look them in the eyes and do it, it is like saying I know you donät care so whatever.

No bad vibes except from this punk teenage girl. She lit her smoke, I was waiting and have no lighter, asked if she had a light, she said no. I then said, thanks for nothing and have a great day but really meant, I hope you have a horrible day and enjoy your freedom because you look like the type of girl who will be pushing a baby carriage in the next year.

Big write up tomorrow on the ferry and first day in Stockholm, what a ride.

Eurail pass expires on the 28th.

Single tear or something of that nature.

Tips hat,

P.S + I saw Tigers wife like 500 times today.

P.P.S Best way to see a city is to go to a roof top bar or lounge and soak in the sights while sipping on a beer or soda. If you are in Toronto, go have a meal in the CN Tower, trust me.

P.P.P.S + Thought I was clever selling my POT for a 15% gain. Turns out there are take over talks or something, jumped 25% 1 week later, I found out while on the cruise and sat their numb for about 2.8 seconds then drank a coffee, such is life.

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