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Same Same But Different in Bangkok

Drinking buckets on Khao San Road


How do you do? Hopefully well. My life is very same same but different lately. I feel like I’m in a weird quasi reality called “ground hog day” where my best friend is Bill Murray. I sleep all day, in a small room, suitable for a traveler or a dust pan and a broom. I then hit the streets to see which strangers I’ll meet. I eat cheap meat from the street while yelling “skeet skeet” and then wash, rinse and yes, repeat.

The divine dining destinations were never discovered, I did however get an oil massage for a cool $7US. I’m not sure which I like more, the “thai massage” or the “oil massage”, I wonder how much it would cost for a “Thai Oil Massage” if there is such a thing, if not, why not?

Last night I’m cruising through Khao San Road to meet my friend when I notice these attractive women taking a photo of themselves. Being the gentleman that I am I go over and ask if they’d like me to take a photo so they can all be in it. After that a conversation ensues and I join them. They bought buckets and insist that I assist them with their plight, I oblige but drink sparingly.

We meet random people and explore random clubs while totally neglecting ANYTHING that looks like a pub. We go into one club which is in the video below, it was different to say the least. Also a little too “hardcore” for the company that I keep.

After that hit another, they went on their way and I answered my cell phone to a hear a friend, lets call him Jay. (That’s not his real name).   We went for a leisurely jaunt around town in a small group. Then guys from a restaurant start emptying a sewer, it was truly disgusting.

cleaning a sewer near Khao San Road in bangkok

I went for a haircut but as they took out the scissors I got scared, I left and met a German lady eating pad thai. I joined her and now we’re at an internet cafe. She is a blogger, I like meeting other bloggers, I do indeed.

Buddies friend comes in to town 12th, may catch a night train to Chang Mai soon, then take the slow boat to Laos. Needless to say, this is my first “back track” since the trip began,  only because Vietnam needed a visa so I couldn’t take that flight. I’m not a big fan, I’d rather be somewhere new.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I ran into my friend “Tuk Tuk Joe” again, he remembered me as the part of the crew that traded him a half full bottle of Johnny Walker for a ride in his tuk tuk, we chatted. I then ran into him again today and we chilled for a bit. I learned some new things about Joe, he loves ice cream. Last night when I met him, he had a t-shirt with an ice cream cone on it and was eating ice cream. It was good to see Joe again.

joe loves ice cream like pomps loves tuna

Stay tuned,

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