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Reasons Why You Might Need to Hire an Estate Lawyer

Buying an apartment, business building, or piece of land is a huge investment for an individual as well as for a company, and it is one of those situations that carry a lot of optimism but also a lot of uncertainty because a lot of the capital that you have worked hard to build up over a long period is at stake.

Given that this is an area that undergoes frequent changes in legal and by-law regulations and procedures governing it, these are jobs that are fraught with real risks. If you are one of those who will trade in real estate or participate in construction this year, it is recommended that you consult the opinion of a lawyer for real estate and property-legal relations who is an expert in this field before the actual work.


The help of a real estate lawyer is more than welcome; to learn why read below.

Be More Cautious

Buying and selling real estate (and the entire real estate sector) has been an area of great legal uncertainty and risk for many years. Cases in which one apartment was sold to several different buyers in a short period of time were not uncommon.

Then, traffic was hampered by frequent and numerous unresolved legal-property issues or subsequent requests by third parties directed at that real estate, especially when buying an apartment under construction.

The situation regarding the legal security of buying and selling houses and apartments, and apartments under construction, has somewhat improved, but this is by no means a reason to be less cautious.

As the lawyers at Verhaeghe Law Office say, no two clients are the same, so you need to find a team that is committed to taking a highly customized approach to your services.

Real estate lawyers are here to advise buyers, sellers, and real estate investors on how to smartly protect their rights during the conclusion of the transaction so that the entire procedure goes without surprises and safely for both parties.

Verification of Real Estate Documentation

There are frequent cases of serious deficiencies in the existing documentation or even the absence of documentation for real estate. The problem can be caused by deficiencies and errors in real estate registration numbers.

Sometimes the lawyers notice that the apartment has a different number specified in the contract but a different number in other records or is marked differently on the ground.

There were cases of falsified documents at the facility. All this requires a detailed check by a lawyer, who will draw your attention to critical moments in advance. When the mentioned circumstances are not noticed in time—before starting the procedure—they create numerous problems that are difficult to eliminate later.

Considering that the acquisition of real estate is always a big deal for an individual and a family, lawyers regularly advise that it is important to carefully plan and double-check the drafting of contracts and every step in the process of buying and selling real estate.

Completing Documentation

Completing the partial documentation required for the sale of an apartment or for obtaining a building permit or exemption from taxes when buying an apartment can represent a considerable expenditure of time and patience, and sometimes the missing documentation is very difficult to provide.

Then, by turning to a lawyer who regularly works on collecting and securing documentation for real estate, you can save a significant amount of time and money.

Contract on the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate

The real estate sales contract is very complex and formal. For it to be well composed, a good knowledge of several laws is required. All these laws and provisions can hardly be known by a person who does not have legal qualifications and significant experience in the field of real estate, which is why it is always recommended to consult experts and law offices that deal with issues related to the sale of real estate.

Representation at the Cadastre

When you have a problem of any kind in the cadastre related to your real estate or there is a delay in the registration of your property rights, mortgage, or the deletion or entry of other data changes, a real estate lawyer will represent you to solve the problem efficiently and economically.

Using their real estate experience, the lawyer will provide you with useful advice on how to overcome a formal-legal problem that is impeding your transaction or business or simply interfering with your rights.

As can be concluded from all of the above, the drafting of contracts, as well as the purchase and sale of real estate, is a challenging and complex business, which can bring great success but also failure when handled unprofessionally and without professional help from a lawyer.

That is why we recommend that you always consult a professional – a lawyer—before entering into a new business or transaction.

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