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Reasons To Replace Your Aging AC

During the hottest times of the year, your home’s AC sees a lot of use. If you have an older AC unit you’ll notice the increase in your monthly energy costs. If you’re spending a lot of money cooling your home an energy-efficient AC could be a worthwhile investment.

Many homeowners wait to replace their AC until the existing unit fails and is no longer worth repairing. While using your AC until it breaks may seem like a cost-efficient solution that is not always true. Replacing your aging AC unit before it fails offers many financial advantages.

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Why Installing Am Energy-Efficient AC Makes Financial Sense

  • Reduced Energy Costs: older AC models simply use more power than the newer more energy-efficient models available today. This is due to several reasons. The first of these is age as older air conditions lose performance as time goes by. In addition, a newer model is made with modern standards in mind and all the technological advancements that have occurred since your old AC was made. This results in a new AC using far less power to achieve the same results. This can greatly reduce your overall energy costs.
  • Shorter Run Times: a key reason that older air conditioners use more power is that they cannot effectively cool your home. This results in your AC having longer run cycles where it seems it never kicks off. A newer model can more effectively cool your home resulting in shorter run cycles and an overall reduction in needed energy for cooling.
  • More Efficient Cooling: newer energy-efficient air conditioners are often combined with smart home technology such as smart thermostats and remote app controls. This allows you to efficiently cool your home reducing energy costs. With a programmable thermostat, you can set your thermostat to keep consistent temperatures or only cool your home at certain times such as when people are returning home for the day. This reduced unneeded use such as cooling your home when no one is home. With remote features, you can also adjust your AC settings when you are away from home allowing for quick adjustments and corrections reducing unneeded use.
  • Zoning: many modern air conditioners allow you to make use of zoning. With zoning, you can set different temperatures for each room. This allows for specific cooling of rooms that see greater activity and can reduce wasted energy for cooling empty rooms or rooms not currently being used.
  • Reduced Repairs: with a new AC you don’t have to worry about consistent repairs. As an AC ages repairs become a more common occurrence and having to call professionals to repair your AC can quickly add up. For many homeowners, it’s cheaper to fully replace an aging AC than it is to continue to pay for parts and labor to keep it running.
  • Less Chance Of A Sudden Breakdown: a common concern with an old AC is a sudden mechanical issue making it inoperable. In the middle of the summer sitting in a hot home is often not an option, and it can even be dangerous. This can result in out-of-pocket expenses not only for repairs but for hotel stays and other emergency accommodations. With a new AC, the chances of such an incident occurring are greatly reduced.

Final Thoughts

An aging air conditioner can be a bother not just in reduced performance and repair costs but also in the overall expense just to use it. Trying to keep cool during the summer shouldn’t result in huge electric bills. A new energy-efficient AC can reduce your overall cooling expenses and remove some of the frustrations that an old air conditioner can cause. If your AC isn’t providing the level of performance you expect don’t wait for it to break down, replace it today.

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