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Reasons To Rent a Crane

In certain industries, sometimes a crane is a must. For some jobs, the reach and lifting ability a crane provides is essential for getting the job done. While cranes are commonly seen in construction projects, they do see other uses and can be a valuable tool on the job site. While a crane is certainly useful to have, you won’t always want to own one.

Ownership of heavy equipment can have drawbacks for certain businesses depending on the size and scope of your company. Owning a crane full-time just may not be feasible. This is where a crane rental company can provide the help you are looking for. Renting a crane offers several advantages to companies both large and small. Here are some reasons to consider renting a crane as opposed to buying one outright.

Reasons To Rent a Crane

It Can Be Cost Efficient

Cost is often a deciding factor in renting versus owning. Owning a crane can be costly as you have to maintain it and make any needed repairs. In addition, you have to transport your equipment to a job site. With a rental, you can have the crane delivered to the job site and when the work is done the rental company takes it back, and you don’t have to worry about transportation or storage expenses.

Save On Paperwork

With renting there is documentation you have to keep track of. With ownership, you have to keep compliant with various requirements such as the DOT and OSHA.  This means not only proper transportation but also repair standards and proper storage when the crane is not in use. You also have to have the proper insurance for crane ownership and using it on a job site. With a rental, these details and the associated paperwork are the responsibility of the renal company.   

You Don’t Need To Do Repairs

When your equipment breaks down or needs repairs, that is your responsibility, as are the associated expenses such as new parts and labor. With a rental, you won’t have to make repairs, you simply use the equipment for the length of the agreement and once the task is completed the crane is off your hands. Any repairs or servicing is taken care of by the rental company.

You’re Covered If The Crane Breaks Down

When a crane breaks down during a job, that can bring the whole project to a stop. When it’s company equipment, you then either have to repair your crane or find a replacement. Both options are time-consuming and can use up company resources. With a rental, you can have a replacement brought to the job site promptly by the rental company. While this still causes a slight delay, it’s far faster and less costly than the alternative.

You Have Access To a Variety of Equipment

Cranes come in all shapes and sizes. Some examples include crawlers, all-terrain, and truck-mounted cranes, just to name a few examples. With rentals, you always have access to exactly the type of crane you need to do the job, and you can make changes as needed depending on the project.

When you need a crane, sometimes it may be for one job, as needs arise, or it may be for a few jobs yearly. No matter your business needs, a rental can help you meet your clients’ expectations while not stretching company finances.

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