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Reasons For Using A Proxy Server

A proxy server works as a gateway between the Internet and people. This works as an intermediary server that separates an end user from the sites he browses. Its job involves providing different levels of security, privacy, and functionality based on people’s requirements, use cases, or company policies. In a nutshell, proxy servers allow people to access any site that has a different IP address. They collect as well as provide information connected to user requests. An important role that a proxy server does is it doesn’t encrypt traffic.

Know the details

People and organizations prefer to buy proxy for various reasons:

  • Enhanced speed and bandwidth savings – An organization can enjoy general network performance when it utilizes an excellent proxy server. A proxy server can cache well-known websites. It saves bandwidth for companies besides improving the network performance.
  • To control the usage of the Internet by children and employees – Most often, parents and organizations set up a proxy server for controlling and monitoring how their children or employees utilize the Internet. The majority of organizations do not want people to look at particular sites on company time. This is why they configure proxy servers so that they don’t allow employees to get access to particular websites. 
  • Enhanced security – A proxy server provides lots of security benefits besides privacy benefits. A person can configure his proxy server to encrypt his web requests so that prying eyes can’t read his transactions. Additionally, people can prevent well-recognized malware websites from accessing the proxy server. Most often, organizations couple a VPN with their proxy server. As a result, remote users can access the internet via the proxy of a company.
  • Privacy benefits – Lots of organizations and people use a proxy server when they want to browse the internet privately. A few proxy servers alter some identifying information as well as the IP address that the web request comprises. Due to this, the destination server fails to know the person who made the actual request. Hence, the person’s browsing habits and personal information continue to remain private.
  • Can access blocked resources – A proxy server allows a user to circumvent content restrictions that governments or companies impose. It can show that a person was in California when he was living in North Carolina. Many governments across the globe keep an eye on as well as confine access to the internet. In this condition, a proxy server allows its citizens to access even the uncensored internet.


It seems feasible to buy proxy server as it works in the form of a gateway between the internet and a client. The computer of the client remains aware of the proxy server’s IP address. When clients send results on the internet, then the request gets routed to the proxy again.

People reap rich benefits from using a proxy server as it lessens the opportunities for data breaches. It also filters every request besides protecting it from hackers. Moreover, proxy server permits clients to hide their location and IP addresses besides getting access to forbidden websites.

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