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Pros and Cons of Buying an Electric Adult Trike

Electric trikes are quickly becoming one of the most popular options for getting around. They can help you exercise, spend more time outside, and save on gas money. Plus, they’re great for the environment, so there are many reasons to get one.

However, you must understand the pros and cons of an adult e-trike before buying one. The list below includes everything you want to know, so let’s begin!

Pros of Buying an Electric Adult Trike

There are lots of pros to consider when it comes to e-trikes. Here’s what you need to know. 

E-Trikes are Easy To Mount and Dismount

First, e-trikes are easy to get on and off of. They usually have a low, step-through frame, allowing you to get on the bike without swinging your leg over the saddle. This feature makes it a better option for seniors and people with mobility issues. 

Additionally, a step-through frame makes riders sit upright instead of leaning toward the handlebars. It’s more comfortable, especially if you plan on riding it for a long time.

E-Trikes are Stable

Next, e-trikes offer more stability than bicycles. They have three wheels, so they’re easier to balance on. If a traditional bike doesn’t feel stable enough, you should consider riding a trike.

Electric adult trike reduces the chance of falls drastically. You don’t need to balance them when at rest, so you won’t feel tired as quickly.

If you’ve felt unstable on a standard bike, switching to a trike would benefit you. You’ll feel more secure and comfortable and ride your trike a lot more.

E-Trikes Have a High Load Capacity

Most e-trikes have a high weight limit. That means you can transport another person on the back of the trike or haul your groceries home with you. Many e-trikes even come with a back cargo storage area to encourage you to do this.

So, don’t hesitate to take your e-trike to run errands. This benefit also gives you more independence without relying on a car.

E-Trikes are Great for Hilly Areas

Do you live somewhere with a lot of hills? You might feel discouraged from riding a bike because you don’t want to get off and push it up the slope. However, with an e-trike, hills won’t be a problem anymore.

E-trikes have powerful motors, allowing them to carry you up the hill without you having to overexert yourself. You won’t need to get off and push, so it’s much more convenient.

E-Trikes Won’t Wear You Out

E-trikes won’t exhaust you like a standard bike would. You can get a low-impact workout in without feeling completely drained afterward. 

Many people use their e-trike for commuting for this reason. You can get to and from work and run your errands without becoming drenched in sweat and having sore muscles the next day. That way, you’ll feel encouraged to use your e-trike again instead of taking a few days off.

E-Trikes are Eco-Friendly

Next, e-trikes are a fantastic, eco-friendly transportation option. They reduce your carbon footprint by not using fossil fuels such as gas to run. Using an electric trike minimizes the fuel you use, leading to less greenhouse gas emissions. 

All you need to do is charge the battery, and you can ride your e-trike without worrying about its environmental impact.

E-Trikes Save Gas Money

The average cost to charge an electric bike is seven cents, and an e-trike would be very similar. Compare that to the price of gas for cars these days!

You’ll save a lot of money using your e-trike for commuting. Think about how many small car trips you take a week. How many of those trips could you replace with your e-trike? The more you use your tricycle, the less you’ll use your car and the more money you’ll save.

Gas can be costly today, so it’s worth considering.

Cons of Buying an Electric Adult Trike

There are also a few downsides that you’ll need to know about. These include the following:

E-Trikes are Bulky

E-trikes can be very heavy and bulky, making them hard to lift and put in a car. Even if you get a folding trike, it will still weigh much more than a standard bike.

They can be more difficult to store at home because of this. So, if you have limited space, you’ll need to consider where you’ll keep the e-trike when you’re not riding it.

Due to their bulky design, e-trikes also take much longer to accelerate than bikes. You’ll want to look for a powerful motor to help get you up to speed.

E-Trikes Need More Complicated Maintenance

Next, e-trikes use a motor and electrical system to run. This feature makes them more complex when it comes to maintenance. You can always take it to a bike shop if you need help figuring out what to do. However, not everyone might have one in their immediate area.

Repairing the chain, brakes, and motor functions can be very challenging. So, maintenance always ends up being much more intensive on e-trikes.

E-Trikes Have Long Charging Times

Electric trikes can have long charging times because you need to ensure the battery is fully charged whenever you take it out. The average charging time is four to ten hours.

Depending on your e-trike model, a fully charged battery can take between 20 and 50 miles. If you use lower motor settings, you can take it further.

Many people charge their e-trike batteries overnight before commuting with them the next day. You might also be able to charge it at work. Overall, you’ll want to ensure you can reach your destination and back home by keeping the battery topped off.

Conclusion: E-Trikes Have More Pros

As you can see, there are many more pros to buying an e-trike than there are cons. So, an adult electric trike is an excellent investment for many people. You can mount it easily, get added stability, and commute in a more eco-friendly way.

Review all the pros and cons above if you were on the fence about getting an e-trike!

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