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Pretronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur


Today I was feeling sorta touristy, when that happens I know it’s time to change, something. I figured I might as well check out the Pretronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I did just that, by taking the monorail for no more than 3.60R round trip.

The towers are cool, they are what they are really, massive office buildings housing a mall at the base that charges egregious fees for designer goods, yawn. I checked out the Prada store, they wanted 2020R for similar shoes, the soles were identical and the stitching near the same… Hmmmmmmmmm………

The monrail was easy to catch, they have stops all over the map. Don’t need to buy some silly “guide book”, just get a map from the hotel lobby and if you’re like me, ask the lovely lady or distinguished gentleman at the desk “how do I get to the twin towers”, they’ve been asked to the point of nausea , I’m sure and they will give you the most trustworthy directions.

The trip was easy, the monorail offered a plethora of smells like any type of public train does, yes?

When there, I saw this 50% off pasta from 12-2:30. I decided, should I be in that time I will eat some western food. Luckily and unluckily for me, it was 2:18.

So it came, it reminded me of the overpriced bs I used to buy at “Kelsey’s, Boston Pizza or even East Side Mario’s”. I scarfed it down and moments later my stomach went into contractions. I knew I was against the clock getting home.

Who would of thought, my first western food made my stomach turn when street meat does no harm, interesting, yes?

On that note, MacDonald’s is like a cult here. They even have VIP drive thru’s and you see the stickers on mercedes and bmw’s driving around. Almost as though “MacDonald’s” is cool, when really it’s just trash food sold to a customer who deserves what they’re getting, empty carbs and cheap meat.

Really, this type of food has already made most North Americans obese and lazy, why not tap into Asia? More people, they are leaner and more ambitious, seems like a good fit.

I’m checking out 1 more hotel to see if I can connect via FTP, maybe it’s my host but I’m not switching and maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to “get a move on”. In the event I find a hotel that let’s me “do my thing”. I will signup and work like I live here. The people here have such and admirable work ethic, it’s wearing off on me.

Who knows, all I know is “signs” are always subtle.

I’m off for another jaunt through China town, to buy fruit and eats from the streets and see who I run into and what type of madness may ensue.

Good day,

Update: Wrote this before checking out another budget hotel. The room isn’t as nice but the wifi is great, they have lockboxes and the price is only 35R. That said, it has no windows but these ones have bars anyways, effectively just “prolonging the suffering” should one find themselves in such an undesirable situation. Truth be told, I found out about this place from a British lady I struck up a conversation with on the sub way, turns out … It’s 200M from my current place, ha.

In China town I ran into a beautiful Finnish lady, let’s call her “The Queen of Haggling”. She picked up a polo suitcase to fit more goods into for only 60R, the opening price? 280R. She told the man someone promised her the same luggage for 50R and chatted with the guy for 30 min. He dropped price from 280 to 150, she said that’s still 100 too much, finally she left with an absolutely absurd bargain.

Goes to show, these street vendors have it all worked out. They figure you’ll try and bargain so why not set price so absurdly high that even when you “bargain and feel good” you’re still getting ripped off, eye opening.

We then chatted about different tourists we’ve met and how to make money stretch. I really enjoyed this conversation, this is just the “type of thing that happens” when you go out, by yourself with an open-mind to a public place. This can happen anywhere, even in your back yard.

So yeah, tomorrow, new place. It’s not as nice but it has way more atmosphere. A massive lounge with movies, people hanging out all over on wifi, seems like my kinda place. This current hotel has been sorta isolating. If I wanted to be isolated… I’d stay locked up in my office then my home for the winter months of Canada.

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