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Photo Essay From 21 Months of Travel

Greetings friends,

This is one of those once in a lifetime updates, it’s 21 months to the day that I left Ottawa in search of something. Before we go any further, I’ve still not found it, if I knew what I was looking for, that would be a start…

I digress.

We’re going to take 1 photo from each month on the road. If you wish to really get started on this blog or dig deeper, click on the the link stating the month above each photo, it will give you the archives of that month.

September – 2009

This photo is of Sombrio Beach on the coast of Vancouver Island outside of Victoria. It’s an old hippy hang out that has good surf. We checked it out to maybe surf it never materialized. Vancouver Island is a rocking place. The blog was registered the day, check the first entry.

October – 2009

Coming from the land of $15 meals at Denny’s, I was in total shock when I rented this beach bungalow in Koh Tao, Thailand for $9 a night with a priceless view. This month includes passing time in Victoria, Thai Islands, Vegas, LA & Bangkok. This was a special month for me.

November 2009

This photo is from Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur. This month includes passing time in the Thai Islands, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Lots of updates from the Thai islands if you’re curious what they’re about.

December 2009

This photo is from a sunset on the beach in Kuta, Bali. December 2009 includes time spent in Singapore, Bali & Java. Most of the month was spent living in Kuta, Bali. Some hate it, really grew on me. Not in any rush to return but glad I went. Also wrote the most popular piece from this site ever regarding social media… “How to live on $500 a month in Bali”

January 2010

This photo is from some of the rounds of golf played in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. This month involves flying from Indonesia to Thailand and exploring most of the north. Golf in this area is some of the most affordable I’ve found anywhere. The courses were very well kept as well, greens like pool tables!

February 2010

This photo is from Luang Prabang, looking over the Mekong at sunset. Many cruise through Luang Prabang, ended up spending a week there.  This month involves more of northern Thailand, Laos, back to Thailand for rabies vaccines and then into Cambodia.

March 2010

Photo is from old town of Hoi An, Vietnam. This month includes travel from Cambodia and Vietnam. Spent a long time in Hoi An, decided to stay for a month. Hoi An has everything, culture, great food, the ocean, UNESCO world heritage site and custom tailors, what is not to like?

April 2010

Photo is from Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam. One of the more worthwhile and memorable experiences I’ve had on this trip. You don’t need to organize anything, just ask a lady who seems cool in town, she will be more than glad to show you around.

May 2010

This photo is from Amsterdam, spent a while there. Rest of month was in France.

June 2010

This photo is from Lagos, Portugal. It’s the nearest beach to town, always a good time. A solid place for some good fun with beautiful beaches, can see why it’s already so popular.  Spent most of June in France, Spain & Portugal.

July 2010

This photo is from a bath house in Budapest, Hungary. July was a crazy month that involved the 83 hour train trip with 74 photos to a Polish wedding. Many countries visited across Europe, arguably most manic month of my life.

Regrettably I bought VXX at the start, sigh.

August 2010

This photo is from Lake Bled in Slovenia. Thought last month was intense until I went through the archives of this one, wow. It includes a solid week without a hotel riding overnights to random cities and rocking the spot, so to speak.

September 2010

This photo is from Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is the month the blog almost died. Was really tired from Europe and this city did nothing for me. I felt as inspired as an earth worm drowning on the road after a heavy rain.

October 2010

This photo is from Pai, Thailand. This month covers Chiang Mai and Pai. Pai is worth checking out if you’re in Chiang Mai, you’ll love it or hate it. The entire blog while I was in Chiang Mai sucked.

November 2010

This photo is from Mirissa beach, Sri Lanka. Spent this month in Koh Chang, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Both are lovely destinations. Unawatuna aka “the tuna” is my favorite place in Sri Lanka, fyi. Just figured the surfing photo is cool so might as well use it.

December 2010

This photo is of the Ngorongoro crater taken from a private plane ride with a buddy of mine who is a pilot. Also had a night out in Dubai. Most of the month discusses random this or that from Arusha, Tanzania or those “photo of the day” I started while uninspired in Chiang Mai.

January 2011

This photo is from a camping safari in Lake Manyara, Tanzania. Spent the entire month in Tanzania, in fact, spent close to 4 months in Tanzania. Africa grows on you, kinda like malaria did in my blood count. May be interested in how I got malaria on anti-malaria drugs.

February 2011

This photo is taken from a friends cottage outside of Pangani, Tanzania. We were having a picnic, it was splendid. This month was spent living in a cashew tree fort on the coast of Tanzania outside Pangani, one of the coolest months of my life. This experience is when my perspective switched and realized everywhere in the world has much more in common than different.

March 2011

This photo is taken on a local dhow from Nungwi, Zanzibar to Pangani. This month was spent in Dar Es Salaam, Stone Town and Nungwi, Zanzibar. Definitely worth checking out the archives, Zanzibar is a very unique place.

April 2011

This photo was taken at BED in Bangkok, Thailand. This entire month was basically kicking it in Bangkok aka my second home on this planet. When in doubt, I just fly to Bangkok for a month.

May 2011

This photo was taken from Taormina, Sicily. What an awesome place, fact I was there with my mother made it that much better. This month covers some Greek Islands, Italy and Turkey… It was a busy month loaded with photos.

June 2011

This photo was taken from the roof to terrace of our hotel in Kalkan where a week was spent. So far this month has included Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania. Needed in Ottawa at the end of July, as a result this trip will be somewhat whirlwind…

So yeah, it’s been 21 months and I’ve been to 34 sovereign states, if we were to count territories it would be considerably higher. I don’t think travel changes you but makes you more of who you always are. Recently hung out with a childhood friend who said I’m “painfully the same” aka haven’t changed a bit.

Would I do it all over again? Absolutely.

Tips hat,

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