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Perfect time to Enjoy the Day

It’s been about a month to the day that I left my office and previous life indefinitely. It was bitter sweet because I did actually somewhat enjoy my job, I actually liked it really. The problem was the time it took up and the sacrifices and boredom that come attached to such a routinized, “secure” existence if you will.

I’m staying here until next Monday, the day after Thanks Giving. The guy I’ve been staying with has invited me to join his family for the festivities, it’s great having good friends.

I have to say that I’m starting to get deprogrammed from my “prior train of thought”. I never used to have time for any of the basics, laundry, brushing teeth, eating properly, relaxing, sleeping. I was always “go go go go go” on an endless carousel to nowhere. It was funny how when you have a finite “free-time| period each day how your “true” priorities come to light. When you have more time than commitments, everything gets proper attention.

For the first time this is starting to feel like a vacation, mainly because I have an exit date which is October 14th –> Vegas.

It’s beautiful outside and as a result I’m going to go work on my golf game and just enjoy the weather.

Do I regret derooting my previous existence in quest for a new, more fulfilling one? Not at all.

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