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Parts of a Handgun: What You Need to Know

Did you know that 45% of American households own at least one firearm?

Having a gun is a big responsibility, and if you’re new to firearms, it could be intimidating to learn more about how to handle them. When dealing with handguns, you don’t want to get good at using them without also understanding how to care for them.

Knowing what parts of a handgun you need to look after is just as important as knowing how to use it. Here’s everything you need to know about handgun anatomy.


A handgun barrel is the most important part of a gun. It is the metal tube that directs the bullet from the firing chamber to the target. Common handgun barrel materials include stainless steel, chrome-lined steel, and titanium.

The length of the barrel also affects accuracy, with longer barrels providing a more accurate shot than shorter barrels. To help you master the art of shooting, check out the best firearm training courses here.


The slide houses the barrel, recoil spring guide, and firing pin assembly. It moves back and forth on the firearm’s frame during operation to eject and chamber cartridges. The back of the slide consists of either a flat face or a round face, known as a cocking serration.

The forward portion has a curved front and contains the extractor, firing pin, and a lug that mates up with the barrel’s locking block. The firearm’s sights can also be mounted directly to the slide.


The frame acts as the foundation where all the other parts, such as the barrel, slide, trigger, and grips, connect. Not only does it house the mechanical parts of the gun, but it also holds cartridges in the magazine for repeated firing.

Some frames are all-metal, while others can be polymer and built to be lighter and more easily concealed. Different frame models also feature an integrated rail system for lights or lasers to be mounted.


The grip of a handgun is an essential part of its design, both for comfort and firearm safety. It’s made up of several different components, each designed to provide a secure, comfortable grip for the hand.

A handgun grip should be comfortable and non-slip, so it is important to pick the best grip for the shooter’s needs. A good grip makes a big difference in the accuracy and overall control of the firearm.


The trigger controls the firing of a round when the shooter pulls the trigger back. The trigger guard is the metal casing that encircles the trigger to help protect it from accidental discharge. Inside the guard resides a rounded, metal trigger piece that is manipulated to enact the firing of a round.


A handgun magazine is an ammunition storage device that holds cartridges inside a firearm. It is inserted into the gun and is typically removable, allowing for reloads, or switching between different varieties of ammunition. Magazine capacities vary from 6 to 18 rounds of ammunition.

Knowing the Parts of a Handgun

Knowing the different parts of a handgun can help you reduce the risk of an accident and improve accuracy when shooting. Be sure to keep yourself and others safe by staying informed, and getting training when it comes to these firearms.

Join a gun training course today to make sure you know all the ins and outs of proper handling and shooting. Be a safe and responsible firearm owner!

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