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Oh Canada, Thanks for the Splendid Summer…


This will be my last post from Canada for awhile after spending a splendid summer seeing some of the best that this wonderful country has to offer. It’s nuts how everyone wants to go to Europe in the summer when Canada is pretty awesome too, while we’re at it, so is the USA.  In fact, North America is a pretty happening place, especially if you’re not from around these parts. Unlike Europe it’s not as old with all that charm but it’s just as expensive and you’ll have a very varied list of activities and above all else, some of the world’s most beautiful untapped natural beauty but I digress…

I need to whack this out like I’m at an arcade playing whack-a-mole as soon I’m back on BC Ferries and setting sail to Vancouver where I’ll crash at a friend’s house before catching an early flight to Texas before finally touching down in Costa Rica. The cool thing is I get to bring a friend so I’m bringing “The Bartender” that I mentioned in 2009, indeed. He is also going to be doubling as a camera man. This trip is going to be rather laid back, just scanned the itinerary – lots of rafting, some hiking and zip lining with lots of downtime as it’s a vacation and not a press trip which is the type of thing I usually partake in.

This summer was wonderful and I got to explore British Columbia which is one of the most beautiful parts of Canada. It’s always been a dream of mine and I always thought “BC” was the place for me. The reality is that after seeing most of it mid-summer, I’ve realized that Ontario & Quebec are where I belong as the summer there is a real summer aka scorching hot with tones of lakes everywhere and some of the best fishing around as the local fish are predators (pike & bass) aka they hit hard and often.

Don’t get me wrong , British Columbia is beautiful but I hate rain and wearing a sweater at times in the summer simply isn’t my style. That said, year round it offers the best climate and definitely the most diverse natural beauty… Also note I was along the coast where the weather is more temperate, further inland the weather is hotter and sunnier. If that is more up your alley, look into the Okanagan and surrounding area.

Hanging out in Ottawa was great, the Rideau Canal still produces some great fishing and it’s just a laid back government town without much hustle and bustle and I’m cool with that. Quebec is just as good and I’d love to spend more time there. Quebec City is basically North America’s Europe and I recommend EVERYONE who visits Canada check it out, it’s a must I dare say! Montreal will always Montreal and a treat in itself. While you’re there be sure to eat some smoked meat if you can, it’s out of this world.

Moving on to Costa Rica, I can’t wait to feel that deep humid heat that hits your face as you step off the plane. I’m also looking forward to getting my teeth cleaned monthly and massages weekly again, something that is simply not so much an option up here due to the high cost of everything. Who knows what the future holds so I’ll just end this immediately but am looking forward to more adventures and naturally, sharing them here with you.

FYI – If you’re visiting coastal British Columbia – August & September are the months you want to visit.

Tips hat,

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