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Night Train from Amsterdam to Munich to Budapest

Good day,

So you’re in Amsterdam? Sweet.

If you enjoy being in Amsterdam but like myself detest waking up there, this is how you could chill out and end up in Budapest, the next day by taking a night train Amsterdam to Munich then Budapest.

The cost of a night train Amsterdam to Munich, Germany is 20E if you have a Eurail pass. From there the train leaves to Budapest ~2.5 hours later. You arrive in Munich at 7am and Budapest leaves at 9:30. Just enough time to meet some randoms and share some laughs.

The train arrives at Keleti station in Budapest at ~5pm. It goes through Vienna so if you last minute have a schizo moment, you could also hit up Prague or Bratislava, no problems.

The 20E ticket will get you a 6 person sleeper.  The train leaves at ~8:30pm so if you have been in Amsterdam all day, good chance you will have a great nights sleep and wake up when the conductor knocks on your window and says GUTEN MORGEN or something to that extent.

Worthwhile and great way to get moneys worth on pass.

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