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Making Your Mark: Decorating a First Home

When you move into your first home, whether that be on your own or with someone else, you may want to find ways to really show off your accomplishment. Among these can be decorating your home in a way that you see fit, to allow you to make it feel like it is genuinely yours.

Depending on the cost of your home, and the other factors associated with moving, you may not have a great amount of money left to put towards décor. Therefore, considering some budget ways to turn your new house into a home can be ideal.

Wall décor

One of the first parts of the home that you might want to change can be the interior walls. While you might hope that the previous owners would have left them in good condition, the removal of any of their belongings, including furniture, shelving, and even pictures, could have left them looking less than ideal.

At some point, you may wish to repaint or apply new wallpaper. However, that doesn’t mean you need to be unhappy with the walls as they are. For now, you might want to consider covering holes or blemishes by using a canvas printing service. These can be a relatively inexpensive way of dramatically changing the appearance of the walls in your rooms, as well as allowing you to personalize them with some of your favorite family photos. Apart from the family photos, you can decorate the wall with a theme. For instance, you can create a “wall of fame” using fake diplomas of different courses and universities along with medals. It’ll surely grab the attention of your guests and make the room aesthetically pleasing. 

Look for ideas

Although you and your partner may have some ideas for some aspects of décor, you may be undecided when it comes to other areas. Taking on ideas from others can be a great idea, especially if you are already fond of home and lifestyle magazines, or have role models whose own homes could be the basis for your own design choices.

Looking at home décor websites can also allow you to figure out which stores may be better suited to your budget, as well as to allow you to figure out which items will best suit your new home without having to spend hours or days trawling through the physical stores themselves. Wood N Wares is one of those stores that have an amazing online selection, and you are sure to find a decor piece that will fit naturally in your room.

Prepare to compromise

Should this first home also mark you moving in together with a partner, you may need to decide whose possessions will be used in each area of the home, and whose will be put in storage or donated. It could be a good idea to take on some tips regarding how to compromise and make this process easier without either of you feeling upset or offended.

If one of you has already lived independently, it may make sense to use those items, rather than buying everything brand new, especially if you are on a tight budget. When you both have a collection of furnishings, it may be a good idea to split things evenly, or even spend time considering whose items better meet your needs.

Renting or owning a first home can be a great step towards independence. When doing so, you might want to think about the best ways that you can decorate while still sticking to your budget.

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