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Making the Move: How to Transition into a New Career Field

Many people all around the world jump from one career to another every year. These career changers make huge decisions at a time when they have a lot of questions and a little bit less confidence.

But one thing that never changes is that a career change takes work. There’s a lot to do when you’re working on the transition from the workplace that you’re leaving to the one that you’re going to enter.


Are you thinking of a career change but aren’t sure what to do? We’ve got all the information that you need when you decide to change into something new.

Determine if You’re Happy With Your Current Role

When is it time to change, be honest with yourself and ask yourself if you’re feeling challenged and if you are ready for learning new things. Ask yourself if you’re content with the pay, growth opportunities, and responsibility level that comes with your current job. It’s important to recognize if you’re feeling stagnant and that there may not be any more opportunities to learn and grow in your current role.

If you’re not feeling fulfilled, it may be time to explore the different options that the new career field has to offer. Research the field to get an idea of the kinds of jobs available and the necessary skills and qualifications required.

Pinpoint Your Transferable Skills and Assess Your Marketability

Consider what you have to offer to current and potential employers. Analyze what it is that you bring to the table that might be attractive to a new position. Ask yourself what challenges you have already solved.

Think about what unique capabilities you have that could be an asset in the new career field. And assess your potential to succeed in the field by making sure that your current qualifications will fit into the new career field.

Learn the Industry

Learn about the employers in that industry and what their expectations are. Look into the job search process and see what types of resources are available to you. As you research, create a list of questions to ask industry experts.

Furthermore, reach out to people already working in the field and ask them questions about how they got their start. Use forums, blogs, Twitter, and other social media to connect with potential contacts.

Accept That No Shortcuts Exist

Accept that there are no shortcuts and you will have to commit time and energy to the process. Identify what career you would like to transition into and what new skills or qualifications you will need to do so. Create a timeline that outlines the steps you need to take to reach your goal.

Consider what certifications and training programs will need to be completed before you can progress with your career transition. Let’s say you have decided to become a fitness trainer – you have to make sure you’ll do what it takes and learn more about how to become one.

It is Time to Change Into Something New With Your Career

After careful research and planning, you should be well-prepared to transition into your new career field. Identify mentors in your new field and programs that will support your progress. Update your resume to show your new skills, and don’t forget the power of networking.

Reach for your goals and start to change into something new today!

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