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Making Moves & Fly Fishing on Little Corn

Good day,

Yours truly sits at the Sunset Shack on one of the worst days I’ve seen since arriving. The “port side” which is usually calm and relaxed has gone insane as though there was a mismatch of medication and the patient simply can’t control themselves. Boats that are usually just lounging are being rocked around like bubbles of fizz inside an overly sugared Fanta moments before cracking the cap for the first time. It is most certainly as they say “a grey old day”.

I’m making some moves here, tomorrow should conclude them if all goes according to plan and the sea should not swallow the skiff I’m in whole. I am quite excited about the whole affair as should it go through, a new direction in my life and the life of this blog will be started and I assure you it’s egregious and a topic that few in the sphere are covering, ahem!!

It’ 6:46, went for a long rain run and turns out the beach side which is normally intense is as calm as a retirement home and the tide is so low that the entire beach was mine. I started to bushwhack and next thing you know I’m tripping in a jungle with a barbwire gash in my left leg and this wolf dog that I’ve befriended was looking at me like “you gotta to watch your step there bro”.

I’m going Fly Fishing on Little Corn Island with none other than Brandon aka the chartered fly fishing guide around here and the gent on the panga. We’re going to hit up some spots, hopefully the beach side as it’s windy as h3ll here and I’ve never successfully used a fly rod. Those things are intense and quite the workout compared to my usual “throw a fish on the line, attach a coke bottle and wait” technique.

I’m short for time, I wish you a great week and stay tuned…

Tips hat,

P.S: Took that photo as it gives you an idea of what Little Corn looks like from sea.

P.P.S: Just as summer has started up north, winter aka the rainy season is in starting here.

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