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Lounging All Day in Kuala Lumpur


Woke up, switched hotels.

Got to new one, internet connection via FTP was working ok, cool. Moments later, no dice. Seeing how I had not even seen my room yet, I asked to cash out and move back to other one. Lady started freaking.

When traveling in packs or alone, you never want to make enemies or get into confrontations so I said “no worries, I keep room”. Later a guy who works there said she is new, scared to ask boss and doesn’t know how to cancel, it’s only $9 so who cares.

Went into China town, again. I go there everyday for lunch and a variety of fruits. When people try and sell me stuff, I say “I live here, just chilling” suddenly the price hits the floor. Leather money clips for $10, Rolex watch they want 400R for, 70. Crazy.

So I’m in this new hotel, very difference scene, the lounge is happening and I’m sitting next to a guy from Vancouver who is traveling for 1 year, but on opposite direction as myself. Other member include a lady from Korea, a lady from here and a guy from Gaza.

Met many cool people, notably a couple from Britain who are very cool, very much enjoyed chatting with them. The husband thinks similar to me regarding amassing capital, chatted for a few hours.

Met a guy from Gaza who is drinking a massive bottle of Vodka, he poured me a bunch and that is why this will be brief, very brief.

The connection here is good when it works, apart from that it’s slower than anything. On the street today I saw the sickest person I’ve ever seen in my life, I’m not sure if he’s inhaling gas or vomiting his insides out, not sure. Either way, it’s odd seeing someone who you know is already critically ill, just laying on the street.

The more I hang out in KL, the more I like KL, it’s a fascinating city and sadly, most just come “through”, now think of yourself. When is the last time you heard someone say “I’m going to Kuala Lumpur”? If you’re from where I’m from, probably never.

The gentleman who runs this place is from Toronto, he studied there now owns the place, we chatted for a while, very cool guy. I’m starting to figure KL out and everyday my living expenses are dropping, drastically.

When traveling indefinitely and you can just chill, why not hangout a while? Traveling and partying take their toll, it’s nice to just kick back for negilible amounts of coin. I thought of going to Singapore earlier but what’s the rush, it’s expensive as all h3ll and until I get some web stuff sorted, I’m quite content here.

If I decided to stay much longer, I may just find an apartment to rent and see how it goes. Suffice to say, KL has everything I’m looking for. Dare I say, it kind of reminds me of Ottawa only I’m the minority and I’m cool with that. Note, I said “reminds me” it’s obviously not the same it’s much larger and crazier.

I only say Ottawa because Ottawa is incredibly multicultural so I’m used to this sorta thing. Also I have not experienced any dreaded “culture shock” yet. Maybe in India or China, who knows but if you come from a cosmopolitan city with people from around the world… Everywhere is the same really, as the Thai’s say “Same Same but Different”.

Good day,

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