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Living the Life in Las Penitas, Nicaragua

Hola, que pasa?

I’m living the life in Las Penitas, Nicaragua and want to fill you in on this little known and most certainly sleepy beach town. The town is on the pacific ocean and in the northwestern part of Nicaragua about 30 minutes from Leon. To say the town is sleepy would be an understatement as one could say it’s downright dead and underdeveloped. With that said, progress has made its mark and things are definitely starting to move into the direction of “future tourist destination”. Places for sale everywhere and some at really great rates. Also a large 52 lot development is underway…

Basically this small town has no ATM and no major grocery store or even small grocery store for that matter. Just today I sniffed out where local people buy things, you go down a dirt road where you may wish to watch your step, bang a right and suddenly there is a hole in the window with bars and behind it, random treats. Just grabbed some Tang, Oranges and a pineapple, staples only. The local people seem quite friendly and fishing is what this town is all about, I found the fish monger’s hideout and plan on buying some fresh fish later.

It’s kinda weird right now as it’s setup for tourists but there are none. Accommodations range from $6 a night to $50 for a hotel with aircon. There are countless restaurants along the beach and the main drag but just nobody in them. What else is odd is the prices, unless you have a nose like tucan Sam, you’ll never find the little local spots. Also if you’re scared of getting sick, you’ll probably just walk by. That said the hotels / restaurants that are here serve you amazing dishes in the $5-10 range. If you do have a nose like our friend Sam you can find some local dining areas and I keep finding more everyday.

The beach is deserted as to say almost nobody on it, kinda reminds me of Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka but not quite as picturesque. (sorry Las Penitas) If you’re looking for a party, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you’re looking for a small slice of paradise left on this planet, you’ve landed right in the middle of the dance floor with a rum and coke in hand and your favorite jam bursting out the speakers. People do surf but only in a certain area as there are rocks out there and supposedly NOT a place to learn as the current is strong. I’ve talked to guys pulled out by the current in Bali, Indonesia and supposedly it’s terrifying of the life changing variety.

In my mind, what is this place good for? It’s great for waking up early and jogging along the beach or just doing what I do, sprinting like my 10 year old self on “recess” a day or two after Halloween, fully flailing until your energy is gone and then relax in the ocean for a while. Rest of the day is spent lazing in hammocks no more than 10 feet from the beach and reading books. Currently reading the “Biography of the Dollar ($US)” by Craig Karmin, it’s fascinating. Also realized that I’m only in my early 30’s and that maybe my knees are shot because I never finished rehab, I’m doing the exercises I never did and we’ll see where it goes.

I digress.

Suffice to say, this place is perfect for now and I’m not even spending much, the internet has CHANGED THE GAME. Remember that schools condition you to be a great assembly line worker, I urge you to think outside the box. I’m in no rush and currently staying at this large villa that was recently converted into a guest house with no intent on leaving until the threads on my custom made cargo shorts tell me otherwise.

Tips hat,

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