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Taste of Living in Odessa, Ukraine

Greetings from Odessa, Ukraine.

Yours truly got an idea of what it was like living in Odessa Ukraine today, I loved it. Before we continue, a whole new appreciation for teachers. They deserve their 3 month summer vacation and are in fact underpaid. I am glad I never wished to be a teacher and most likely, will never teach again after this week, it’s tough, kids are as unpredictable as street dogs in the witching hour.

On the way home, stopped by this massive market in the center of town. This place is tailored to me. I like to buy small “odd lots” as you will, I don’t want a full stick of butter, I want what I want. Anything you want here can be customized and the value is through the roof. I also enjoy buying milk on the street from a lady selling it fresh in an old 2L of Coca-Cola or a dozen free range eggs for less than a euro. To mention that this city has some of the most beautiful women I’ve seen on this planet would be amiss. It’s as though super markets have most things but for anything fresh, you hit the markets.

I’d love to go on but too much on my mind, ever have a day that validates everything? One that validates many of your beliefs and efforts?  I’m literally moon walking on the sun without burning my soles. I love how many interesting people I’m meeting and how low the cost of living is in Odessa.

I’d like to continue but a group of interesting and gregarious gentlemen are playing cards in front of me, to not partake would be against everything I stand for. Just finished a soup that was made by a friends grandmother. It was the type of soup that soothes your soul, it was delicious.

If you asked me where I’d recommend in this part of the world, Budapest & Prague would not even be involved in the conversation anymore. Both are great cities but I measure a place on what it would be like to live there, the point of this trip is to experience life around the world. I’m loving it here and a place I’d return to above all else in the region, it has it all. Odessa has affordable everything, classic architecture, friendly citizens, crazy nightlife, beautiful beaches AND MORE.

That said, this place would be drab if not depressing in the winter, then again, where isn’t? I’m eating like a king and living even better. It goes to show that you’ll never know unless you go. If someone told me that Odessa, Ukraine would be like this, would have b-lined it here immediately and just rented a pad for the summer. Below is the view from where I’m staying.

I’d go on but my attention is required.

Tips hat,

P.S: One of the quieter ladies in the class drew this, I think she has serious talent but don’t know why she added lipstick and eyeliner. Anyways, not everyday you have a future professional paint your portrait.

P.P.S: Living in Odessa Ukraine is good times.

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