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Little Corn Sunrise from Barracuda Bay

Good day,

Barracuda Bay is where this sunrise was taken a few hours ago, it’s right behind the lobster factory on Little Corn Island. It’s not called barracuda bay but local intelligence leads me to believe it’s “the spot” to find some barracuda as there is often lots of left over fish guts form the factory… That means little fish eat that, they come to eat them and its a feeding spot for all.

You’d be shocked how many people were out and about before sunrise.

Wherever you are in the world, you always remember the faces you see before dawn and talking about the fresh ones, not the overzealous left from the night prior that are best described as pale, vacant or listless. Should one wake, interesting characters will most certainly be met.

In hindsight, the shrimps I wasted this morning should have been eaten for dinner.

Have a good weekend, #TGIF

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