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Is Samsung the Frame TV Worth the Hype?

The Samsung the Frame TV is a 4K TV that you can mount almost perfectly flat to a wall. But this feature is not what makes the Frame TV unique—what makes it different and stand out from other TV models on the market is that it allows you to display high-quality photos and artworks when the TV is in standby mode.

In fact, you can almost mistake the TV itself for a piece of original artwork hanging on the wall. While it is never going to completely mimic the look of a canvas or print hanging on a wall, we still think it’s a pretty cool feature that will have guests in awe every time they notice it.

The Samsung Frame TV boasts of a stunning resolution and you even have the option to adjust the balance/tone to make it as natural and realistic-looking in your room lighting as much as possible. No doubt, it resembles more like art instead of a big black box on the wall.

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What Do You Get with The Frame TV?

With Samsung the Frame TV, you get a high-quality smart TV (yes, you can access your favorite streaming apps like Hulu and Netflix on it) and artwork that you can easily access with a single press of a button. But, if you’re wondering what is literally included in the box, you get a 4K QLED TV, and a One Connect Box. 

The One Connect Box controls the entire TV and works as a hub for all of the cables and connections. This means that this tiny little box allows you to connect all your devices such as streaming devices (Apple TV, Fire Sticks, etc.) and cable boxes and others with the following ports:

  • HDMI inputs
  • Optical Digital Audio Out
  • Coax Input
  • Cat 5 Ethernet Port
  • Ex-Link
  • USB Input

The One Connect Box is connected to the Samsung the Frame TV through a tiny, fiber-optic cord referred to as an invisible connection. This tiny cord is all that you need to power it and connect all your devices to the TV. Pretty impressive, don’t you think? However, you need to keep the One Connect box away from plain sight to keep the illusion of it resembling an artwork frame.

The Frame TV does not come with a custom-made frame for your TV. The minute you take the TV out of the box, you’ll notice that its frame is made out of thin, black plastic. It doesn’t resemble that of a picture frame.

In order to replicate the appearance of a real art frame, you need to purchase the bezel separately (they are sold for around $150) or you can also buy a more ornate, customized frame (which can be more expensive). Regardless of the frame you choose, you need to factor in the overall price of the Samsung Frame TV, which costs a lot to begin with.

Where Do You Keep the One Connect Box?

Earlier, we mentioned how the One Connect Box is a tiny box that connects all your devices to different ports. What we failed to mention is that the tiny box is not entirely tiny. It’s 13.7 inches wide and 2.6 inches high, and 5.4 inches deep.

If you place your TV above an entertainment center or some type of console table, then there probably won’t be any problem—you can just place the One Connect on top of a piece of furniture. But if you want to hang your Frame TV above a fireplace or on a wall, you certainly wouldn’t want it sitting out.

What Can You do With Your Frame TV?

As we have mentioned earlier, the Samsung Frame TV allows you to display artwork on the screen with the Art Mode feature. This is the TV’s biggest selling point for most people who want a TV that can blend effortlessly into their home décor. You can even display your high-resolution artworks using a digital mat, to make it even more realistic looking.

If you don’t want to display artwork, you can display family photos or any photos that you think would look great on your wall. The Samsung The Frame TV can display one piece of art or photo at a time, or you can have multiple photos cycle through them like a slideshow.

Samsung Frame TV Unique Features

There are a number of features unique only to the Samsung Frame TV, many of which most people are unaware of until they actually start using one. First, the no-gap wall mount it comes with is such an amazing feature. It allows you to directly mount the TV onto the wall, just like a piece of art. Most TV mounts leave a couple inches of space behind them, which can look unsightly to some people.

One favorite feature among Frame TV users is the fact that when you turn it off, it shows your chosen art or photo. The Frame TV also comes with a motion sensor. This means that when you go to bed and leave a room, it gradually starts to shut the screen off entirely.

But when you walk back into the room, the artwork or picture comes right back on the screen. Leaving an image on the screen longer than usual will burn the image into the display of some TVs. But Samsung’s Frame TV has LED Quantum Dot Technology, which keeps images from burning into the screen. This also means that you get very realistic and sharp images on the screen.

Samsung the Frame TV: Pros and Cons

Just like any electronic appliances, there are pros and cons that come with the Frame TV;


  • It sits completely flat on the wall
  • Displays artwork and photos when it is not in use
  • High quality picture quality
  • Comes in a variety of sizes (32-inch, 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch)


  • Because of its features, it’s more expensive than regular TVs
  • You have to purchase the frame/bezel separately
  • You need to store or hide the One Connect Box somewhere
  • You need to purchase the artwork from the Art Store

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