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Is It Worth Moving Closer To The Ocean?

Heading to the beach is pretty much a joy year-round in Florida and a few other areas in the United States. And if you’re anything like us, you undoubtedly pondered, “Gosh, wouldn’t it be lovely to walk right from the beach to my house?” the last time you were at the beach. No packing the car with beach gear; simply take a shower and unwind!

However, it’s crucial to be aware of both the good and the negative before making that decision. After all, everyone would engage in it if there were no drawbacks! Our friends at Safebound Moving & Storage set the stage for you to make your decision.


Organic Stress Reduction

Science is only now beginning to comprehend what people have understood for thousands of years: being close to the water may considerably enhance your sense of serenity. Moving to the beach might be the best thing for your mental health, from breathing in the salty sea air and hearing the crashing waves to feeling the sand under your toes and taking in the stunning vistas. No need for another “ocean waves” playlist!

You’re Never Bored

There is always something to do at the beach, whether you relocate to a popular tourist destination or a more remote shore. Enjoy the mouthwatering seafood eateries, adorable stores, and exciting tourist attractions… or wait till the off-season to avoid them. The sea is, of course, the nicest aspect of being in a coastal community. You may surf, sunbathe, or simply listen to the waves even if you decide to avoid the crowded tourist attractions as soon as you finish up with the residential or commercial movers.

Your Health Will Likely Improve

Did you realize that coastal life is healthier than inland living? 

One of the explanations is that one of the healthiest foods is easily available and fresh at the beach: seafood! Red meat lacks the omega-3 fatty acids that are present in seafood, which are both low in fat.

Because you don’t need to travel to get healthy, people tend to be healthier at the beach. A regular stroll along the beach may strengthen and tone your muscles while also getting your heart pounding. If they don’t have to get in a car, people are more likely to start moving.

Higher Property Value

There isn’t enough shoreline to accommodate everyone who wants to live on the beach, though. Due to this, beachfront properties are both popular and valuable. Even if a beachfront property has the same number of rooms and amenities as one further inland, it will be worth considerably more just because it is so close to the water.



This one can go both ways. On the one hand, there’s always someone new to meet. But, if you value your solitude, you might not want guests staying on your home turf throughout the year. Make sure you establish certain limits right away so that your friends and family are aware that you are not their private pit stop.

Bad Weather

You’re probably asking yourself, “How can all that great sunny weather be bad?” and we

understand. Now, hold off on putting on your sunglasses. Living near a beach does not ensure ideal weather. Due to the yearly threat of storms near coasts, especially Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, you will also need to obtain flood insurance in addition to your homeowner’s policy.

Home Weathering

Home damage can result from more than just Category 3 hurricanes; the salty sea air can also be dangerous. Salty air can abrade your home’s paint and speed up the rusting process. If you do choose to relocate near the shore, be sure to maintain it properly to keep it looking as stunning as it did when you first got it.

Expensive Home Insurance

Your new house is much more of a liability because of how close it is to the beach, which makes it such a paradise. There is only one conclusion to be drawn from beach erosion, greater wear and tear, and severe storms: higher homeowner’s insurance rates. Make careful to compare prices and quality insurance before choosing one.

Expensive To Buy And Rent

A beachfront home or condo purchase is unquestionably an investment. However, even if you may be confident that your ideal house will maintain its worth, moving costs will be high. Find out when is the ideal time to buy a seaside house. You will be able to do this to save some money upfront (and maximize your gains if you ever choose to


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