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Hey SHABL (and more specifically, SHABLers with iPhones),

If you’ve looked at any of my posts on Stop Having a Boring Life or checked out my blog The Blonde Gypsy, you might have noticed that I’m big into iPhoneography. That is, as Glyn Evans puts it (he is the author of the longest running iPhoneography blog), the art of taking photos with Apple’s iPhone. The rest of the definition is up for debate, but I share the same opinion as him that it shouldn’t matter how you produce your final image as long as there was some element of your iPhone being used in the shooting or editing process.



So far every photo I’ve ever posted on SHABL was taken with my iPhone 4 and was most likely edited with one or more photo app. A vast majority of the photos I’ve taken when traveling over the past two years have also been with my iPhone 4 because it has often been more convenient, the overall quality is pretty darn good, and well, it has saved me from boredom. Downtime on planes, trains and automobiles have never been so productive to me, artistically speaking. Without sounding totally emo and/or strange, my iPhone has become a true creative outlet which was unexpected and means a lot considering I haven’t found anything else I’m particularly good at (…kidding, sort of).


Ok, so with that said, I just wanted to share a few more links to articles I had published on the very topic of iPhoneography, this time on Matador Goods. First one is called What gear do I need to start: iPhoneography. Pretty self explanatory. Here I just mention a few tangible and intangible necessities one might want to have if they are interested in taking up the hobby.



The second one is more fun to look at, even if you aren’t an iPhoner. It’s called 10 awesome apps for iPhoneography and is basically 10 different photos I edited using 10 different photo apps during my latest trip to London. So it’s two birds with one stone—photo app recommendations plus a mini photo essay from one of my favorite cities in the world.



Oh, and in case you are new here or haven’t already, make sure you check out Istanbul through an iPhone lens…it’s a full-blown photo essay of mine from when I was straddling Europe and Asia back in October.



Anyone else out there into iPhoneography and traveling? Or iPhoneography while traveling? Any Instagramers in the audience? It’s here where I should plug both Rob & myself…

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