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How to Write a Résumé That Stands Out

Gather together all the information about your career, your life and your education, and create a massive CV. While creating the CV, you will slowly learn the elements of your career that will matter to the HR teams that will read your job applications. Once you have your CV, you simply narrow it down and make it more concise so that it becomes a resume. You now have the two most powerful tools required to get a job. Try not to section up your resume into boxes because you will probably have to copy and paste a lot of it onto your job applications over and over, and it is easier when the text is in big chunks rather than parceled off into small boxes.

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Try Out Different Templates

Find templates that are adjustable because you are probably going to have slightly larger sections than a standard resume template can accommodate. For example, you may have plenty of qualifications but very little experience. You may have a lot to say in your personal section and may need to make it a little bigger. Trying different templates also allows you to pick and choose between the ones that look the best. 

Do Not Mention Anything Negative

Some people feel they need to excuse some elements of their resume with explanations, but this is something you should never do. If you scored poorly in school because you spent your last two years in hospital, don’t mention it, just accept that you scored poorly, show off your other qualifications, show off your experience and move forwards. Also, if you are able to, you should consider adding a full color profile picture of yourself. Add the sort of thing you may add to a professional LinkedIn profile. Some people say it works against you, but the fact is that some people are going to hire you for the way you look, and it is better to know now if they will reject you for your looks rather than waiting until you get the interview.

Keep Fancy Fonts to a Minimum

Readability is all that counts, which is also why a simple typed out resume may not work either. Do you remember that old typewriter font? By today’s standards it is very difficult to read, and yet it is simple and minimalist. Keep things simple but focus on keeping things easy to read. Fancy fonts may make your resume look visually appealing, but if they hinder the resume being read, then you will not get the job. You do not make a resume stand out using fancy graphics and fonts, you make sure it is easy to read and that it gets the message across with the least amount of interference.

Get Help From Professionals

There is a phrase in HR. It goes “That person interviews well.” It is a way of explaining how some people are able to get jobs despite not being very good at them. It makes you wonder why we put so much emphasis on resumes and interviews when the people who get the best jobs are the ones who hone their resume writing and interviewing skills. If you want to get the best possible results, then hire people who can write your resume for you. Hire a company like https://www.resumeble.com to write your resume, get more interviews that other people, practice at taking interviews, and then get the job you actually want. It seems unfair, but that is one of the beauties of life, it is unfair, which means sometimes it can work in your favor. 

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