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How to Transform Your Bedroom into a Relaxing Sanctuary

Perhaps you live in a modestly sized cottage in the countryside or share a modern flat with your partner in a large city? No matter where you live, your home is somewhere you should be able to relax, recuperate, and regenerate, and what better place to concentrate on than your bedroom?

Here’s how to transform your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

Sleek & Stylish Storage

Unless you’re one of those fortunate few who are lucky enough to have a separate dressing room from their bedroom, the chances are that you likely keep the vast majority of your clothing, accessories, spare bedding, and numerous other items stored in your bedroom.

Naturally, this is both the most logical and sometimes the only option, but this doesn’t mean that the bedroom needs to appear cluttered. Instead, invest in some sleek, stylish, and, if possible, hidden storage items for your bedroom.

Stop Using Your Phone in Bed

There’s a reason why Facebook and other social media platforms do everything possible to keep you entertained and looking at your phone for hours every day and unfortunately, it’s not a wholesome one. Matters of data leaks on social media platforms is, of course, for another time and another article; however, stopping using your phone in the bedroom, whether you’re scrolling your social media feeds, playing games, searching on online websites, or even learning a new language in your spare time, will have a hugely positive impact on your sleep patterns.

Bring in Cozy Décor & Soft Furnishings

As important as it is to strive to create an emotionally calming ambience in your bedroom, you should also not forget to create a physically relaxing space too, achieved through the layering of snuggly cushions, throws, and blankets.

On the bed itself, always be sure to arrange the cushions and pillows and make the bed before you leave the room to retain the new relaxing atmosphere. Also, make sure your bed dimensions are generous enough for you to settle down in the fresh-smelling sheets and not feel constricted.

In addition, whether your bedroom floor is made of natural wood, laminate, or carpet, you should also look into purchasing a large, or even oversized, rug for the center of the room, which will effortlessly combine modern aesthetics with traditional warmth.

Find Another Place for Your Desk

Often and especially in smaller houses or flats where space is at a premium, people tend to house their computer, paperwork, and other documentation on a desk in the bedroom, and as convenient as this is for people working from home, it’s hardly conducive to relaxation.

So, if you do have a desk in your bedroom, turn it into a dressing table with a large mirror and a clean and tidy workspace, and instead, relocate your working desk to another room or a corner of the living room. Finally, on your desk and dressing table, be sure to add warmth-loving indoor plants for a splash of nature and greenery.

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