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How to Keep Your AirPods in Good Condition

AirPods are one of the most convenient and easy-to-use wireless headphones around. They offer superior sound quality, comfort, portability, and even a few additional features like a hands-free calling. But if you want to keep your AirPods in good condition for years to come, it pays to take care of them properly. Here are a few tips for maintaining your AirPods and ensuring they stay in tip-top shape:

Check for updates regularly

Make sure to check the AirPods’ software version and verify if there is an update available. Newer versions of the software may include new features or bug fixes that make your AirPods run more smoothly. Namely, when it comes to iOS updates, sometimes it can happen that a new bug appears which affects the AirPods.

You may notice AirPods disconnecting from the phone, or having poor sound quality. So, it is also a good idea to update your iOS to get the latest bug fixes as well. Otherwise, you should bring your AirPods to the service center and let them replace if needed. 

Be mindful of where you store your AirPods when not in use

Keep them away from extreme temperatures and moisture, as both can cause damage to the electronic parts inside. Also, avoid storing them near any strong magnets or magnets that exceed 5 gauss, as this could also damage your AirPods.

If you’re using the charging case, make sure to store it upright and never drop your AirPods or the case. If you are on the go and need to store them in a pocket, be sure to use the charging case. Next time when you take out your AirPods from the case, check for any dirt or debris that may have accumulated inside.

Clean your AirPods regularly

Using a soft, lint-free cloth and warm water, gently wipe down the surface of your AirPods to remove any dirt or debris. Avoid using any kind of solvent or abrasive cleaner as these could damage your AirPods. To do a more thorough cleaning, you can use a little bit of isopropyl alcohol to remove any oil or residue buildup. Be sure to let the AirPods air dry completely before putting them back in the charging case.

Namely, it can be a good idea to store your Airpods in an open place occasionally. This can be your desk if you use your AirPods at home or your car’s center console if you use them in the vehicle. This will help keep the charging case free of debris and dust, so it can properly charge your AirPods when needed.

Keep them charged

When not in use, make sure to keep your AirPods’ charging case closed so that the internal battery remains charged and ready to go when you are. The more you use your AirPods, the more often they will need to be charged. If your AirPods are flashing an orange light that means they are either charging inside the case or running out of battery. Try to charge your AirPods at least once a week in order to keep them functioning properly.

Otherwise, the battery could become damaged and unable to hold a charge. If you tend to forget to charge your AirPods, consider buying a charging dock or using a timer. You will be able to set an alarm reminding you when it’s time to charge your AirPods so you never run out of juice.

Avoid dropping them

This might sound obvious but it is important to keep your AirPods safe from any accidental drops or falls. If you do drop them, make sure to check them for any damage and replace them if necessary. The same goes for any sudden shocks and jolts, like being stepped on or thrown around. Ensure that you handle your AirPods with care to prevent any damage or malfunctions. You can even use a protective case to guard your AirPods against any impacts or falls. See whether you can find a special case made just for your AirPods on the market. 

Use them responsibly

Although AirPods are very durable, they can still break if mishandled. Avoid using them while participating in any physical activity as this could cause damage to the internal components. Also, make sure to keep them away from children who might not understand how delicate they are. Finally, try your best to follow these tips and use your AirPods responsibly. With proper maintenance and care, your AirPods should last for years to come. 

By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your AirPods remain in good condition for a long time. From avoiding extreme temperatures and moisture to regularly cleaning them and keeping them charged, taking the necessary steps to maintain your AirPods is absolutely essential. Taking a few extra moments to properly care for your AirPods can be well worth it in the end, allowing you to enjoy their amazing sound quality and convenience for years to come.

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