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How to Get Rid of Jumping Spiders

Did you know there are more than 6,000 species of jumping spiders in the world? This makes jumping spiders the largest group of spiders on earth.

These spiders can jump up to fifty times their body length. Even so, it doesn’t mean that jumping spiders have super legs.

These spiders depend on segmented legs and blood flow for their impressive jumping ability. Unlike other spiders, jumping spiders don’t use webs for hunting.

After identifying the target, these spiders jump and catch the prey. There are various ways how to get rid of jumping spiders, the easiest is calling Turner Pest Control Tampa and letting professionals handle the situation.

Read on to learn the different ways of getting rid of jumping spiders.


Install Window Screens

Jumping spiders will leap and crawl through your windows into the house. Even though ventilation is essential, you should effectively keep jumping spiders out of your house.

Repairing and replacing window screens will hinder jumping spiders and other insects from entering your house.

You might get different mesh screens – some with larger holes than others. It would help to buy mesh screens with tight weaves that are small enough to keep off the jumping spiders.

Use a Bug Swatter

As much as they can jump, jumping spiders can’t maneuver the way out of a bug swatter. Besides, a bug swatter is a straightforward way to get rid of jumping spiders.

You can have your bug swatter on standby and wait as the spiders appear. Alternatively, you can go hunting for jumping spiders from the hiding zones.

Ensure everyone has rubber gloves as a protective measure from potential bites. You should also have a glass jar to collect the swatted jumping spiders.

Spray Insecticides

Using a bug spray is the easiest way to get rid of jumping spiders. You can choose an organically formulated or chemical-based bug spray.

Visit for your pest control insecticides. Your pest control service company will guide you on the best bug spray.

You should spray directly on the spider webs and the jumping spiders. It would also help spray the insecticide under the tables and behind the cabinets in your house.

Put on the right personal protective equipment before spraying any chemical insecticides. Clouse your house windows during spraying to ensure maximum efficiency of the bug spray.

Lastly, store the insecticides away from the children’s reach.

Perform Thorough Cleaning

Once you see spider webs in your home, chances are high jumping spiders around. Leaving the webs to exist makes it more comfortable for the spiders to breed and increase.

It would be best to make it habitual to clean areas around your home to perfection. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck the spider webs from every house corner.

In addition to regular cleaning, consider strategically placing sticky traps in corners, under furniture, and near entry points to catch jumping spiders and other pests. These traps work silently and continuously, providing an effective way to monitor and reduce spider populations. Ensure to check and replace these traps regularly to maintain their effectiveness and keep your home spider-free.

How to Get Rid of Jumping Spiders

Jumping spider removal shouldn’t be an uphill task. You can contact your pest control service company to get professional pest removal services.

These professionals get trained on safety measures to use when getting rid of jumping spiders in your home. You must check if the company has insurance coverage before hiring pest control services.

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