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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Agent

Did you know there are 168,016 real estate agents in the United States?

What’s the best way to choose a real estate agent? It can be a crucial but confusing decision.

Unlike other professions, real estate agents are not held to any standards of education or licensing. So how do you know if you’re getting the needed help?


We have everything you need to know about selecting your agent. Keep reading to find out how to choose the best real estate agent in the biz!

Professional Track Record

Ask them to provide examples of properties they’ve sold recently and how quickly they sold those properties. The types of properties they’ve sold also matters a lot, for example, if you’re looking for a pool home, then browse swimming pool homes for sale in Daytona Beach, or anywhere else, and work with an agent that knows a lot about them. Discover how long the agent has been in the business. Talk to their past clients or lenders and inquire about their experiences with the agent.

Please do a thorough background check, ensuring they are licensed and registered agents in good standing with their local, state, and national real estate transactions. Reputable real estate agents, such as Kim Lee, will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. They should be able to provide a history of satisfied past clients.

Getting Recommendations

To find a real estate agent, start your search by getting recommendations from people you know who have used a real estate agent and had a positive experience. Speak to your family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues and ask if they have a real estate agent they would recommend. Ask them about their experience and any pros and cons about the agent.

Make notes and jot down any names you are given. This will form the basis of your list. Some agents may have higher rates than others, work differently, or specialize in particular real estate. Having this info in hand can help you narrow down your list to agents that fit your needs.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews are an excellent resource for finding agents who have helped past clients buy or sell the property. After researching agents in the desired area, take the time to read through online reviews and ratings. Look for agents who have positive reviews and ratings, with clients commenting on their professionalism and knowledge.

Where possible, it is also advised to seek referrals from friends or family who have had success using real estate agents. Reviews and ratings can be helpful tools when seeking the best real estate agent to help achieve the desired goals.

Communication Style

Good communication involves prompt responses and clear and transparent when providing advice. You want an agent who will keep open lines of communication. Don’t miss out on important details which can be essential during the purchase or sale of a home.

The real estate agent should be looking to build a long-term relationship with you and understand your needs. It would be best if you were comfortable enough to communicate openly with them. The communication style should be tailored to your specific needs and easily understood.

The agent should be honest and direct with questions and guidance. Choosing a real estate agent with excellent communication skills can make all the difference in any real estate transaction.

Professional Certifications

Agents certified by national or state agencies have demonstrated a higher level of knowledge. They will be well-informed about current housing trends. They will have access to the most up-to-date information about the market.

Make sure to review the certifications and qualifications of your potential agent. Certified agents are typically required to complete continuing education to remain compliant with agency laws. They are capable of providing the highest level of service and advice.

Doing your due diligence before selecting a real estate agent will better equip you to make the best decision for your property.

Experience Levels

A veteran agent with many years of experience can often provide know-how and crucial insights throughout the real estate process. Agents with years of experience in the market can help you get the best deal and know what questions to ask. It can help you navigate the paperwork involved and understand the legal aspects of the process.

Evaluating an agent’s background and tenure in the field is essential. Review their credentials, references, and client testimonials. This will help you determine whether the agent is knowledgeable enough.

This is to provide you with the guidance you need. Confirm that the agent works in your local market and understands the local laws and regulations.

Experienced agents often have well-developed networks and can help you find valuable resources. Ultimately, selecting the best real estate agent can be instrumental to your success.

References and Testimonials

The more you know about a real estate agent’s previous experiences, the better. It is essential to always ask for references and try and contact some of the people listed. Ask about the agent’s expertise, knowledge, and success rate.

Did the agent have a successful track record with the clients in the reference list? It is also good to read any testimonials that the agent has. This will give you an idea of their knowledge of the estate.

You want to work with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent. Therefore, research is essential to making an informed decision. Additionally, looking online to see how the agent’s ratings stack up against other real estate agents in the area is also beneficial.

Consider Other Fees

You need to determine the fees associated with the agent’s services. Professionals in certain areas may charge more than others, so you should consider that. Others may charge a flat fee or a percentage of the buy price.

Make sure to ask the agent if there are any added fees you should be aware of. Find out what services are included in these fees and which aren’t. It’s also a good idea to understand what you’ll be paying in closing costs and any other fees associated with the transaction.

It’s best to make sure all added fees are in writing so that you understand what you’re responsible for and there are no surprises down the line. If you are an investor and deciding in buying a home, visit

Choose the Best Real Estate Agent

Finding the right one is critical to a successful home purchase or sale. When finding the best real estate agent, it’s essential to research and find the right one that fits your needs. Be sure to weigh all the factors before selecting a real estate agent, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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