How to Choose a CBD Supplier You Can Count On

CBD seems to be everywhere these days. It’s touted as a miracle cure-all that solves everything from insomnia to inflammation. The overall market has grown considerably too. Analysts expect it to reach $136.64 billion by the year 2029.

But is all CBD created equal? Dozens of online CBD sellers seem to think so, but how can you really be sure? It’s a good idea to do your homework on potential CBD suppliers, even if they’re well-known and respected companies.


So what do you need to know when shopping for CBD? Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a CBD supplier, so you get the best products for yourself.

Conduct Quality Testing

Quality testing ensures that the CBD products supplied are free from any contaminants. This includes pesticides and heavy metals. The supplier should be transparent about their testing standards, and have proof that they have quality tests performed on their products.

Look for a company that uses an independent, third-party laboratory to perform the tests and is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or similar regulatory authorities.

Additionally, check that the product labels are up-to-date, list the CBD concentration and any other active compounds accurately, and list any additives such as flavorings.

Domestic CBD Sourcing and Production

Domestic sourcing and production of hemp are far more reliable than sourcing from overseas. When researching potential suppliers, make sure that they are certified organic and meet the standards of the USDA organic seal or equivalent.

The supplier should be well-established. And, with a proven track record of providing excellent quality products on time and at a reasonable cost. They should have a wealth of experience in sourcing and producing CBD products.

It is also important to look for suppliers who are transparent in their processes of sourcing and production and who are committed to quality and safety.

Choose a domestic supplier that is compliant with your state and local laws as well. Working with a CBD supplier you can trust is the key to sourcing high-quality CBD products. For more information about suppliers, visit

Has a Reputation for Good Service

Check to see if the supplier is commended by customers and other businesses. Look at their customer reviews and ratings. Ask friends and family for their recommendations.

Additionally, ensure that the supplier has effective customer service or provides an easily accessible contact form. A supplier that is willing to answer your questions and concerns will likely be more reliable.

Products Contain Multiple Carrier Oils

Consider any additional ingredients the supplier may offer such as carrier oils. Carrier oils are used to extract CBD into smaller batches. Some suppliers offer products that contain multiple types of carrier oils.

This may be beneficial. Using many carriers can enhance and improve the delivery and effectiveness of CBD products. Research the carrier oils and their benefits to ensure that you’re getting the best product.

Packaging Options

Attractive packaging options with clear labeling for CBD products is one important factor to consider. It can set the store apart from its competitors and may be used to differentiate various products.

Consider brands that offer a variety of packagings, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, and tins. Pay attention to the size and shape of the bottle and its labeling, as these will make a lasting impression on customers.

Wholesale Program

Look for a company that offers a competitive wholesale program. With a wholesale program, you can be sure to get quality products at the best prices.

Some programs offer discounts based on quantity purchased, allowing you to save money while buying bulk CBD products. Additionally, check for a loyalty rewards program that provides additional discounts based on how many orders you place or how often you order.

Pricing Structure and Payment Options

Pay attention to their pricing structure and payment options. Make sure you understand any charges associated with the order, like taxes, shipping, and handling.

Research the company’s pricing carefully to ensure that it takes into account various factors, such as the quality of the product, the volume of the order, and the cost of shipping. Also, make sure that the payment options and terms are reasonable, including secure payment gateways such as PayPal and credit cards.

Offers Organic CBD Option

Fers Organic CBD is a great option due to the stringent standards they have when it comes to quality control. They source all of their hemps from sustainably grown farms, ensuring that the plants are free of contaminants.

All of their products are tested by independent, third-party labs for potency, purity, and safety. The company has an open-door policy that allows customers to come ask questions and see the production process for themselves.

Offers Full-Spectrum CBD Products

One of the most important features to look for is whether they offer full-spectrum CBD products. Full-spectrum products are those that contain a variety of different compounds found naturally in the hemp plant, providing an array of potential benefits.

Full-spectrum CBD oil, derived from hemp and other natural sources, contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds. Taking these additional compounds into account can be an important factor in determining the quality of the CBD on offer.

Choose The Best CBD Supplier Today

Overall, when choosing a reliable CBD Supplier, you should base your decision on research. Pay attention to the quality of the products they offer, the transparency of their information, and their customer service approach. In the end, it’s important to rely on a trusted source to ensure you’re getting the results you expect.

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