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How Does Accommodation Impact the Studying Process?

Online and hybrid modes of learning have become the norm. That means lots of students spend many long hours in front of their monitors at home. It was to be expected that many feel bored and somewhat trapped in their rooms. It’s a challenge to feel motivated if your accommodation looks dreary.

We have taken a closer look at the impact of students’ accommodation on the studying process. Indeed, they can be both positive and negative, depending on how smart students are about organizing their space.

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Managing stress

College students know what it means to experience stress. Busy schedules and regular assignments often pose tough challenges that some find difficult to cope with. When your living space is dull, poorly organized, and looked after, it will only add to your hardships.

There is an inevitable inverse relationship between high stress and low academic performance. And poorly designed accommodation throws the correlation into sharp relief. Make every effort to minimize or eliminate the negative effects of uncomfortable living and work space on your psyche.

Managing workload

When you feel comfortable in your living space, you are better at managing your workload. If you don’t have much choice, there are ways to ease your workload. Many students use the services of LetsGradeIt to identify top online essay writing companies. They help students with affordable, demand-driven, and qualified services to complete their assignments to the highest academic standards and in line with college requirements.

Improving focus

Smartly selected and designed accommodation and study tables makes it easier to concentrate on your studies. When you don’t need to worry about crumbling furniture and faulty appliances, you have a better chance of directing your full focus and energy to the learning objectives.

Set aside time to clean up your space regularly. Invest in repairs to avoid disruptions.

Avoiding distractions

If you live in a busy and noisy area, you are likely to get lots of distractions. Some people try quashing them by putting on earphones to listen to their favorite playlist. This doesn’t work for all though. It could mean replacing one type of distraction with another.

One solution is to install double-glazed windows that are not entirely soundproof but can decrease the noise levels significantly.

Therefore, choose your place carefully. If you don’t feel confident about finding the right space, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Experts are there to give you tips for finding accomodation. There is no shortage of rentals, but the later you start your search, the less likely you are to benefit from a good range of options.

Boosting creativity

If you succeed in decorating your space with taste, you should be able to enjoy every minute you spend there. Creative posters, encouraging messages, and souvenirs from fun trips bringing back great memories stimulate your ability to think creatively.

Talk to your friends and read the reviews of your fellow students for ideas to turn your accommodation into an enjoyable and comfortable space.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t noticed already, your accommodation has a direct impact on the learning experience and goals. If you feel uncomfortable in your space and if it negatively affects your mood, you are unlikely to manage your studies effectively. It is vital that you are disciplined and prudent about how you choose and organize your space. Your grades are a good indicator of how good your choice is.


Barbara Fielder specializes in modern interior design solutions. As a professional writer, she shares her innovative ideas, achievements, and advice via several online publications for college students. Barbara knows a thing or two about the importance of living space for the learning process, clarity of mind, and better productivity.

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