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Hanging out in Ho Chi Minh City


~lights smoke – coughs up a lung~

Where were we? I’ve been hanging out in Ho Chi Minh City today doing this and that and got some bad news. My ipod is dead 100% and my camera will cost half the original cost to fix, screw that. Tomorrow I will go shopping for electronics, Vietnamese style.

~flicks ash out window~

Ran into Mr. X again today, we joked, laughed, smoke cigs and drank really strong coffee that I paid for at local price, oh yeah. For dinner, we hit up this street vendor I saw people eating at earlier. Turns out he’s on the cover of some big magazine in Ho Chi Minh City, his name is Mr. Lam, he makes great eats. Also, he charges $0.50 or 10,000 dong for a beer. Most other places charge like 25-35,000. Let’s say myself and my British friends left a large case of bottles at such discounted prices. Be a champ and drink “Saigon” which is a hefty 455ml a bottle.

~clears throat, Asian style~

I’m not feeling so well, I need to rest. Also, I recruited some guys for the Mekong Delta Tour. Four people are definitely in, myself, an Aussie guy and 2 blokes from Britain. My 2 British friends may be in as well. Tomorrow I will wake up and clear enough phlegm from throat to give some bald guy a green hair do. Following that, I will call Mr. X and get him to take me camera shopping. He knows all the places and he’ll bargain for me, tooth and nail.

I actually saw him before going into camera shop, he was like, they call me and tell me how much, he said way too much, you should buy new camera. Mr. X is correct, AS ALWAYS! Now that I think of it, maybe he was waiting there for me? No, it’s a moto hang out.

~flicks ash in cough syrup box~ – how ironic

It’s weird as I sat here, looking at $1000 worth of digital equipment that is now only useful for paper weights… You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I didn’t treat this stuff with respect and this is what I got. Hey, I met a guy who had been on the road 10 months, he said he went through 3 cameras, I feel much better now, yes I’ll admit it.

Ok, it’s 1:15 am, stocks are up, I’m gonna sell some stuff to lighten my load considering who knows what is going to happen next according to my “indicators” aka guys smarter than me who get paid to do this stuff for a living while I eat at Mr. Lam’s. Ok, they may not be smarter than me and I may not sell anything. If you leave your $$$ in some bs GIC where you get 1% aka castrated for being a saver, why not throw it in the market, if you make 2% you just doubled your crappy GIC. Think Blue chips with yields, yes?

Look you, “security is NOT the meaning of life, great opportunities are worth the risk”. I got that from my student hand book in my final year of High School. I needed a quote for my awkward grad photo so I opened my “planner” for the first time (seriously) and it landed on that page. I live by that, so should you.

I have much to say, but it escapes me.

Tips hat,

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