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Hairstyling Tools for Travelers

The art of looking perfect while you travel is not simple to learn, but it may save your beautiful image and help you to stay confident. In case you don’t want to wear a baseball hat for your friend’s wedding somewhere on an exotic island, you have to make sure that all your beauty helpers are in the bag with you. The list of travel-size hair styling tools is not that big. Starting with a travel dryer and ending with a thermal brush, everything must be compact and reliable.

Essential Tools

You don’t need all the styling tools in a suitcase. Moreover, you may specifically buy travel-size items and keep them in the travel bag just for such occasions. Once you need to travel, just take this kit with you. Here are the tools you are likely to need the most:

  • Travel hairdryer. It can be foldable or just small. Make sure it still has an adjustable temperature. If you are going abroad, you may need a dual voltage device and an adapter for international electric sockets;
  • Round mini brush. If you have short hair, the round thermal brush may replace the hairdryer;
  • Flat iron. Flat irons come in different shapes and sizes. Make sure that you can carry the flat iron in your bag. Since it can’t be used on wet hair, you can take it only as a combo with the blow dryer;
  • Mini comb. The comb does not have to be expensive. You don’t need to use it every day. However, it must be reliable and effective on your trip;
  • Heat protectant. Never forget about a small bottle of heat-protecting spray for your hair. The chances are that you may need to use the blow dryer at a high temperature to speed up the process.
  • Clip-in hair extensions. If you’re planning to go somewhere fancy during your trip, hair extensions may come in handy, especially for those with short hair. Long beach waves are almost always perfect for any special occasion.

Hair Styling Tips for Travelers

Depending on your own hair type and its length you may already have a strategy for your flawless look outside the house. All you need right now is to have the proper tools with you. Here is the list of accessories you may find useful during your trip:

  • Scarf;
  • Hat;
  • Hair bun;
  • Bobby pins;
  • Hair ties;
  • Headband.

These tools may be vital. If your hair is dirty or disheveled, you can use a bun to hide it. In a ponytail, dim and not-so-fresh hair will be less noticeable. Bobby pins keep the hairdo intact. If you travel around some windy or sunny areas, you still need a hat to protect your head. The best idea for long hair is to braid it accurately.

If you don’t have time to shower during a 3-4 days hiking trip, you need to take dry shampoo. With this helpful remedy, you don’t need to search for water and an electric socket. All you need is a shampoo, brush, and several minutes to spread the dry shampoo on your hair.

Taking Care of Your Hair on the Road

If you want to look gorgeous all the time, you have to use the proper tools for it. No matter where you are, your hair always needs your assistance. You may use hats and scarves as an extra measure, in case you are going hiking and there is no hot water, electricity, and you sleep in a tent. If you are going to live in a hotel, you can take all the hair stylers you need but in a travel size. No matter where you travel, keep in mind that you have to take care of your hair for at least several minutes a day.

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