Habits You Should Adopt If You Want Better Oral Health

Everyone believes they already have the best habits for the health of their teeth. However, simply giving them a quick brush once or twice a day isn’t enough. If you want your teeth to last, these are the habits you need to adopt.

Never Go to Bed Without Brushing Your Teeth

At the end of the day, your mouth will be full of bacteria from all the meals, snacks, and drinks you’ve had. Failing to brush your teeth before going to bed means that this bacteria has all night to work its way into your teeth and gums. It only takes two minutes to properly brush your teeth so that the day’s debris is cleaned away.

Use a Softer Toothbrush

It can be tempting to buy a firm toothbrush to feel that you are brushing away layers of plaque from your teeth. However, toothbrushes with firm bristles are more likely to be used too roughly, causing tooth and gum damage. Softer bristles help to protect the integrity of the enamel while also cleaning the tooth surface.

Always Clean the Gaps

For some people, gaps between their teeth are no problem at all. For others, however, they can be places where trapped food can easily cause bacteria to flourish and eat away at the enamel. Simply brushing your teeth might not be thorough enough to get rid of these trapped pieces, which is why flossing and mouthwash are also important. You can also take measures to close gaps between teeth. Search for tooth composite bonding in Leicestershire to find out how it’s done. If the gaps in your smile are causing you to feel low in confidence or you have started to notice how hard it is to brush between them, think about talking to your dentist about possible solutions.

Neutralize Your Mouth After Acidic Food or Drink

If you can avoid acidic food or drink, this is the best way to reduce the risk of your teeth being worn down. However, if you still want to drink fruit juice or eat citrus, it helps to follow up with a glass of milk or some cheese. These will neutralize the acid in your mouth so that, when you next brush your teeth, the acid isn’t scraped across the tooth surface and unintentionally stripping the enamel.

Scrape Your Tongue

It might seem like an excessive measure, but scraping your tongue is a quick and effective way to clean it of any remaining food debris. Some toothbrushes are designed with tongue-scraping features to make it easier. When you have a clean tongue, you will have fresher breath as well as a healthier mouth.

It isn’t easy teaching yourself new habits, especially when it involves adjusting existing habits to be more healthy. You may be used to simply brushing twice a day and not thinking much else about your oral health, but if you want your teeth to stay strong for a lifetime, use these tips and adopt these habits.

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