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Flight From Johannesburg to Singita Lebombo in Kruger Park

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I write this from the lovely Singita Lebombo and Sweni lodges based in the heart of the Kruger National Park. We flew with Federal Air and they did a great job of getting us here swiftly and safely. A tip of the hat to Mark who was our pilot for the final leg and let me ride shot gun. It reminded me of my time with my pilot friends in Tanzania, fond memories I assure you. Federal Air offers scheduled flights as well as charters like the one we took to Singita.  We’re here for two nights and will experience four game drives…

We’ve only been in the Kruger National Park for less than an hour and we’ve already seen buffalo, elephants and so many zebra it would make your head spin. Before we continue, this park is massive and a true asset to South Africa, it’s estimated to be roughly the size of New Jersey. The Singita Lebombo is a class eco-lodge and so tied into the surrounding hills that there aren’t even any gates. If you’re moving through different parts of the complex, they recommend you go with a porter and it’s a necessity at night. Its been about a year since I’ve been in Africa and on a safari, the feeling of being this close to nature is near impossible to describe in words so I won’t even make an effort.

Supposedly the game is “hot” right now and the game drives from this morning saw all of the “Big 5” which are lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and Cape buffalo. We may also see some wild dogs which are sadly, very near extinction. It is estimated that only 450 of them are left in the wild. Another animal that I’d like to see which is also sadly moving in the same direction is the cheetah, only 3000 left in the world. Also became aware of the poaching epidemic taking place here with the rhino. The horns are used as an aphrodisiac in China and Thailand and sell for $65,000us a kilo, the average horn is 3 kilos. So far 55 rhinos have been slayed this year, tragic.

Having only just arrived, it’s time to explore this place and rest up before our first game drive at 4pm after High Tea. The view in front of me is incredible and can only imagine what we may have the distinct pleasure of seeing over the next few days. I’ve lost my train of thought as the staff just brought me a delicious glass of home made lemonade. I’d continue but I realize our time on this planet is short, my time here infinitely shorter and I plan on making the most of it in typical SHABL style.

Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for a safari updates…

Tips hat,

P.S:  Look at this video…

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