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Five Tips To Make a Long-Distance Move Stress Free

Many Americans think that living in Florida is like a year around vacation. Sadly, the story is quite different for residents. While the population of Florida has been steadily increasing for a few decades, many people who’ve made the move have come to regret their decision. Many reasons for this change of heart include the severe heat, low wages, tourists overcrowding the cities, and the expensive housing market.

Whether you’re a native of Fort Lauderdale or moved to the city after spending a 2-week there, you’re ready to move on to the next chapter of your life. After all, the gorgeous beaches and nightlife can’t compensate for the high prices and terrible weather. If you’re leaving Fort Lauderdale, chances are your destination is outside the Sunshine State, so you’ve got a long-distance move ahead of you.

While you must be excited about the move, the process may be overwhelming. Well, don’t worry; you’ve come to the right place. We have the ultimate guide to help you make your long-distance move an absolute breeze. Just follow our below tips to make your long-distance move stress-free.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

The most important thing you can do to make your long-distance move stress-free from Fort Lauderdale is to delegate technical tasks to professionals. While you may have tackled moves by yourself in the past, once you work with a professional mover, you’ll realize that the peace of mind they bring is well worth the extra cost. Connect with one of the Fort Lauderdale long distance movers who are experienced in facilitating long-distance moves and have positive reviews and ratings from previous customers.  

Moving across states requires a lot of logistic planning that significantly increases your workload and may be stressful.

Downsize & Declutter

Every home has tons of unnecessary stuff that we keep hoarding and holding on to for no reason. So, when planning a move, donate, sell, or give away the things you don’t need. It is a 2 part process: downsize and declutter.

In downsizing, you must consider what items you can and should take. Yes, your IKEA bed has no issues, but the cost of transporting it will be more than just buying a new one after the move. On the other hand, your dining table is a great piece of furniture, but will it fit in the new home you’re moving to? Think smartly and eliminate all items you don’t need or can’t fit into your new home.

Once that is done, let’s move on to decluttering. Every house has clutter, and yours is no different. Try the KonMari method to declutter stuff before moving. If something has not been used in over six months, and you don’t see any likelihood of it being used even in the coming six months, just let it go. Similarly, any item you have lying around which is impractical (yes, we’re talking about that gigantic bean bag chair lying in your room) or that you’ve honestly outgrown, it may be time to get rid of it.

All the items you decide to leave behind, either sell, give away, or donate to someone who needs it. At least you or someone else will be getting some use out of those things.

Pack Smartly

Packing smart is one of the most important things to make a long-distance move stress-free. The best part is that if done right, packing smartly will take no more time than mindlessly throwing things in boxes. However, when unpacking, you will thank yourself for taking the time to pack smartly. There are simple rules to packing, using which you can easily take on this task:

  1. Similar items go together – Keep the crockery separate from the books. It is safer and more convenient when you unpack.
  2. Label everything – Labelling is the best technique you can use when moving. By knowing what each box contains, you can skip the guesswork and open the box you need in the order you want.
  3. Keep furniture pieces together – Furniture that can be disassembled is easy to transport. However, finding those pieces that go together after the move is a pain. Either label all the pieces or tie them together to ensure you don’t have trouble finding the sofa’s legs or the bed’s headboard.

Take Care of your Affairs

There are many things you will have to deal with after the move. Don’t add to the list by leaving any loose ends in Fort Lauderdale. Try to wrap up all your affairs before leaving. It includes sending intimation notices to relevant parties, such as your bank and service providers, regarding the move, canceling your utilities, and redirecting your mail. Handling these things before the move will give you one less thing to worry about while settling into the new place.

Additionally, try to strike an arrangement with your mover whereunder they take all your stuff and store it at least a week before the move. It will give you time to personally hand over your house to the landlord or the new buyer after carrying out any necessary repairs. Meanwhile, you can crash at a friend’s place for a few nights.

Prepare for Moving Day

Many people forget to prepare for the actual moving day while managing all the hustles of long-distance moves. Remember, it is bound to be a stressful and long day. Therefore, get plenty of rest beforehand and ensure you have everything. Prepare an essentials bag, as it is your key to surviving the few days after the move. Pack all your essentials, including clothes, chargers, toiletries, and necessary documents.


That’s it; you’re all set to take on the long-distance move. While you must be happy to leave, you can’t deny there are some things you will miss about living in Fort Lauderdale and Florida. Well, the best part about this move is that now you can come back and enjoy this great place in the way it can be appreciated most – as a tourist!  

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