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Five Beginner Tips to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. It is because it has a large young presence that drives its popularity. It offers users stories, reels, videos, and photos to engage with their audience. Instagram is also heavily responsible for the fast-growing influencer culture that has created millions of small celebrities across the globe.

It’s large volume of traffic has also made it a dynamic marketplace. It is the perfect platform to easily reach tons of people with low investment and little time. However, what drives Instagram is the engagement rate. Your number of likes, shares, DMs, comments, saves, etc., your posts receive drives your engagement rate.

A good engagement rate guarantees popularity and helps you gain more followers, and helps to increase your reach on Instagram. Therefore, this article will tell you five beginner steps to increase engagement on Instagram.


1) Maintain Consistency

This rule applies to new and established brands and personalities. Being consistent is significant for various reasons as far as Instagram is concerned. First, consistency is an important aspect of the Instagram algorithm. Active accounts that post consistently are ranked higher than others which helps to increase your reach on Instagram.

Secondly, it increases the exposure to your target audience, creating a psychological impact that generates interest. Interest would ultimately generate engagement, at least in the form of likes or saves.

And thirdly, it makes your account appear legitimate. Active posting and engaging are the top legitimacy pillars of any brand. Only an active and real brand will regularly upload photos, videos, and reels. Thus, you can be sure to gain more Instagram followers.

2) Post Shareable and Saveable Content

As a beginner, it can be hard to get followers and increase your reach on Instagram. To boost engagement on Instagram, you should create shareable and saveable content. Memes, motivational reels, tutorials, etc., are the most widely shared content across YouTube.

Sharing and saving is a highly engaging activity that helps improve your rank on Instagram. Also, it also popularizes your account and gives your feed a break from mundane professional or commercial posts.

3) Create Reels

Reels might get criticized for copying Tik-Tok’s design. However, it is one of the most popular features of Instagram. It has so much engagement as it is a good source of entertainment for users. Apart from this, Reels are a blessing in countries where Tik-Tok is banned.

Reels are the perfect visual-audio platform supported by filters and cinematic effects. You can leverage this traffic and features to create some amazing and entertaining reels and increase your reach on Instagram.Your reels can be tutorials, fun activities, behind-the-scenes, hoping on the latest trends, etc. 

Even as per Instagram SEO, reels are the most engaging feature of Instagram, responsible for the popularity of many brands and businesses.

4) Create an Attractive profile

Your Instagram profile works as your first impression. When you come across a profile of influencer, aren’t you impressed by their symmetries and color combinations? Their feed is so appealing, and their bios are witty. It is this impression that leads us to open their posts and maybe even save some of their best outfits for future help.

It is what you should also do. Keep a high-resolution image as your display picture. Make sure it reflects your brand or you at first glance. Bios have limited characters, so make good use of them too. Similarly, have a nice feed that looks aesthetic and impressive.

5) Purchase Engagement

I usually do not suggest this option as it does not guarantee long-term growth or quality engagement. However, since the article focuses on beginner tips, we can use this one too. Many brands and celebrities buy Instagram likes, shares, comments, etc., to give their Instagram journeys a head start.

This paid engagement also helps gain more followers, which later brings organic traffic. Whenever you come across an Instagram reel with more than 6K likes, you will find it legitimized. It is the reason why people and brands tend to invest in the paid engagement at the beginning of their Instagram journeys. 

Everyone is now resentful of Instagram. Earlier it was Facebook, and now it is Instagram, which is growing very fast. However, it is not easy to survive on the platform, given the tough competition.

Top brands put their best minds to work to create the best Instagram marketing strategy. When you plan your Instagram marketing strategy, keep in mind that the aim is to gain more Instagram followers and get more excitement. Thus, your strategy should be bulletproof and adjustable to changes. Changing trends and algorithms necessitate the need for a flexible Instagram strategy that can help beat rival brands.

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