Far Infrared Therapy Benefits – All You Need to Know

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Far-Infrared Rays are invisible waves of energy that penetrate the skin and gently raise the body’s temperature to 42 degrees Celcius and above, which positively activates the body’s system and functions.

Researchers discovered many far infrared therapy benefits that can help users in many ways. For instance, this therapy method can help people increase blood circulation, improve skin complexion, increase cardiovascular strength, and many more.

Our experts have shortlisted some of them to guide you with the benefits of far infrared therapy. So, read till the end without skipping any of it.

Light Therapy Benefits

1. Improved Blood Circulation

  • Far-infrared therapy helps to expand the capillaries, increasing blood flow, oxygen, and circulation.
  • Energizing sebaceous glands that help to remove accumulated cosmetics from pores through your skin makes the skin appear clean.

2. Detoxification Gets Improved

Far-infrared improves lymphatic and detoxification. The heat expands the capillaries, which starts a process to dissolve underlying poisons.

The therapy improves free fatty acids, lactic acid, subcutaneous fat related to age and weariness – excess sodium connected with blood pressure – and uric acid.

These pollutants clog blood circulation and reduce cellular vitality. So, far-Infrared therapy wave is applied to these massive water molecules, causing them to vibrate. This vibration weakens the ion bonds that hold water molecules together.

The continuous vibration ensures water molecules break down, releasing enclosed gases and other toxins.

3. Manages Pain and Aches

Far infrared therapy lowers nerve tension and also aids in relaxing the auto-neuro muscles, allowing the body to heal faster and more effectively.

Moreover, the therapy also decreases nerve pain and muscular spasms by heating your muscle fibers. As a result, edema, inflammation, and pain are rapidly reduced.

Muscle relaxation and pain alleviation also help to decrease shoulder, back, and neck pain. The therapy aids body stress and relieves the mind.

4. Heals Wound

Researchers found that far infrared therapy promotes faster wound healing irrespective of skin temperature and blood flow.

The therapy contributes to the healing process by stimulating fibroblasts to produce more collagen (tissue repair and wound healing).

The therapy also supports DNA synthesis and protein synthesis, required for fast tissue regeneration. Moreover, anti-aging benefits and softening of wrinkles because of increased collagen synthesis.

5. Strengthens the Cardiovascular

According to research by NASA, far-infrared therapy for cardiovascular function had the most effectivity on American astronauts during long space flights.

Further research also showed that the warmth of this therapy had been demonstrated to improve the ‘health’ of the body cells that line the blood vessels, reducing the chances of cardiac diseases.

6. Boosts Immunity

Far-Infrared boosts and supports the immune system by increasing bone marrow and increasing white blood cell production. So, with regular and consistent use of this therapy, your body’s immune system can become strong enough to fight viruses and bacteria.

7. Cancer Cure

Infrared therapy can be effective against cancer. Infrared light activates nanoparticles, making them highly effective against cancer cells. Far infrared therapy uses a conjugated antibody-photo absorber complex to target cancer cells. Most cancer hospitals and clinics have introduced this therapy method as it can be pretty effective against cancer. 

The Risks Associated With Far Infrared Therapy

Every day, we get exposed to infrared radiation from the sun. Moreover, nowadays, infrared saunas are also very, but scientists have warned about potential health hazards that we may encounter. Heat damage might occur due to excessive infrared light’s wavelength exposure. They have also restricted the use of this therapy among heart patients and pregnant women.

That’s not all; experts also warn against using this therapy to treat chronic conditions without using authorized treatments or drugs. So, we always recommend you use this therapy after consulting with an expert and taking all the details of how-to and when to use it.


1. Is far infrared therapy good for your body?

There are many far infrared or red light therapy benefits that can help you to stay healthy and fit. Far infrared therapies are pretty useful for the human body as long as it’s used in the right way. However, it’s important that you don’t over use this therapy as it can have adverse affects to your body. It’s recommended that you always consult with an expert first before carrying out this therapy method. If you’re interested in exploring the potential benefits of far-infrared therapy, you can conveniently shop online for red light therapy machines that offer various wellness advantages. Learn more about incorporating this innovative approach into your routine to potentially enhance your overall well-being.

2. When can you apply this therapy?

Far infrared therapy can be applied for different kinds of conditions. These include:

  • Blunt trauma
  • Bursitis
  • Muscle strain
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Neurotherapy
  • Sciatica
  • Wounds

These are a few of the most significant benefits that you can get from far infrared therapy.

3. Can far infrared therapy provide you with vitamin D

Infrared saunas improve vitamin D synthesis and absorption. Some UV lights, such as infrared light treatment, have produced more vitamin D3 than the sun. So, yes, these therapy methods can produce the required vitamin D for you with consistent use of this therapy.

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