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Essential Tips for your next upholstery cleaning session

Upholstery is an essential factor in bringing together the aesthetic of your decor. Irrespective of the style you are looking for, a good upholstery would bring a unique touch to your property. To ensure that your upholstery lasts long it is important to adequately maintain it. 

For most household services, hiring a local expert is always the way to go in Australia and worldwide. A quick search for Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne will bring up some of the best carpet cleaning services in the city. Besides comparing their offerings by price, also compare their reviews to make sure you’re getting the kind of quality job you’re looking for.

In this aspect, upholstery cleaning becomes an important step in ensuring that your upholstery not only looks good but also lasts longer. Different kinds of furniture would require different kinds of cleaning methods based on their texture and fabric. In this article we bring essential tips to consider for your next upholstery cleaning. 


Vacuuming is a must:

Vacuum cleaning is one of the most basic and common forms of cleaning that is just as effective for upholstery cleaning. While just vacuuming would not be enough on its own, a routine cleaning can definitely help maintain the shelf life of your furniture. Regular or daily vacuum cleaning removes the dirt and dust from forming a residue over it.

If upholstery is not cleaned periodically then residues like hair, dust and dirt can soil over it which eventually dulls down the fabric.  Vacuum cleaning is also a relatively safe process and therefore you can run it everywhere throughout all surfaces and textures.  

Spot treatment is essential:

Upholstery like sofas and padded chairs are prone to stains and spots. While regular vacuuming would remove dust; stains and spots affect the fabric more deeply and can cause graver damage. A new spill should be immediately removed with a white cloth to retain the fluid from seeping deeper through the fabric. This would not only reduce the damage but also reduce the stain from being too noticeable.

Do not scrub a spot with wet cloth as it spreads the stain more and pushes the fluid down the fabric. Since stains can be caused by different fluids affecting the fabric differently, these steps are a good immediate measure. However, eventually stains and spots should be professionally cleaned by experts. 

Tender attention and care:

Cleaning upholstery is not a simple task and should be done by professionals. Vacuuming, removing spills and cleaning the surfaces regularly are practices that should be religiously followed, but any kind of cleaning beyond these should be left for experts. This is because cleaning upholstery requires special care in order to avoid damaging the fabric or the padding.

A lot of upcoming businesses, like ultrafabric, now offer a wide range of unique upholstery fabrics that need professional attention. For instance, the method used for cleaning cotton upholstery can be fundamentally different from how rayon should be treated. While it is common knowledge for a cleaning specialist to differentiate between textures, it is advisable to know your upholstery fabric to avoid accidents. 

Tools that can help:

While hiring professionals for cleaning your upholstery is the best way to avoid any damages, there can be reasons why hiring a professional may not be possible. In such cases there are upholstery cleaning tools that can be used for best results. However, do remember that even tools need to be handled with care.

Multi fabric stain removers can be easily found in the market. A multi fabric spray can be a safer choice but doing a brief research on its impact is a good measure. Upholstery brush and vacuums are also common tools available for cleaning purposes. Other products like odor remover and powder removers can also be considered for a holistic cleaning experience. 

One of the most important factors that can keep your upholstery safe from damage is correct storage. Upholstery should be generally kept away from sunlight and heat to avoid fading. Moreover, different kinds of furniture can be treated differently.

A carpet can be regularly vacuumed and brushed once in  a while to remove debris, whereas a sofa would require professional attention since it is more prone to stains and spots.  Following these habits can prove to be a great way of keeping your upholstery clean and safe. 

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