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Enjoying a Trip With Kids in Montana

Everything in Montana is enormous. Mountains, sky, lakes, and pleasure abound. A Montana family trip should be on the bucket list of every American family.

From the huge grasslands of the east to the high Rocky Mountains of the west, Montana has a wide range of activities to do with kids. Despite the grandeur, families will discover that spending time outside is much more fun than spending time within.

Outdoor activities are some of the greatest things to do in Montana with kids. Driving over the huge expanse of grassland in Eastern Montana, families will come across unusual sandstone structures that seem to be sculptures.

Activities for Children in Montana


Every youngster should return from Montana with a fishing tale, and there are opportunities at almost every turn. The region surrounding Bozeman is highly renowned for fly fishing due to its closeness to the Gallatin River. Cameron Bridge, Hyalite Reservoir, and DePuy’s Spring Creek are all popular destinations.

The nearby small center of Bozeman is ideal for its eateries and local culture. North of Yellowstone is a region known as “Paradise Valley,” which is known for its rocky beauty and where families may enjoy floating or fishing in the river.

Parks Nationales

Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are Montana’s two major attractions. We recommend spending at least a full day at Yellowstone to witness the spectacular Old Faithful and the massive Grand Canyon waterfalls. Glacier National Park, with over 25 active glaciers, provides a spectacular contrast to lush green woods, alpine landscapes, and clean lakes. The Going to the Sun Road, which hugs the mountains and spans multiple waterfalls close to the road, is a popular drive-in Glacier.

Boat Rides

On the Last Chance Train Tour, children of all ages will appreciate hearing the tales of the people and places that make up the fabric of Helena, Montana’s capital. After that, visit this charming city’s various shops, restaurants, and galleries. A picturesque boat excursion to the Gates of the Mountains is nearby, where you may hear local legends and view the stunning rock structure that captivated Lewis and Clark.


In Montana, there are several good rafting alternatives. With class two and three rapids that are ideal for family enjoyment, the Yellowstone River is an excellent site to explore whitewater rafting. Glacier National Park also features great rapids on the Flathead River, as well as gorgeous raft tours appropriate for families with toddlers and up. Because water levels drop as the summer passes, rapids tend to become calmer. Furthermore, most whitewater adventures need youngsters to be at least 6 years old.


Exploring Montana on foot is one of the finest ways to properly experience it. Grab your boots and a camera (OK, maybe just your smartphone) and prepare to forge your path. Even the youngest hikers will appreciate a nature walk in West Glacier, particularly if they are accompanied by an excellent guide who will bring the region to life.

Tale a Road Trip

An RV rental Bozeman MT provides a familiar environment for your kids during an action-packed holiday. The camping terrain is a place for your kids to run and to stretch those restless legs. AND if the day’s excitement gets to be too much and a little one needs to rest, you always have a safe space available immediately!

Taking a road trip with kids in Montana is easy – just keep it fun and simple! Montana is a place where you may make a lot of lifetime memories. Families will be astonished by this piece of the American West at any time of year, thanks to convenient airport access and wide-open highways.

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