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Embracing the Remote Work Lifestyle: Tips for Success

The pandemic has brought important changes in the corporate realm. While the idea of remote work isn’t novel, it was mainly Silicon Valley enterprises that embraced remote employees. Yet, with people worldwide working remotely, many are reluctant to return to the old ways. 

Moreover, the widespread adoption of remote work has highlighted the inefficiencies of the traditional work model that stood strong all these years. So let’s take a look at how remote work can change how you look at life!

Why Conventional Work Setups No Longer Work

Work Efficiency

When people can complete the same tasks in 3 hours that typically occupy an entire office day, it becomes evident that the pre-COVID work model lacks effectiveness. Spending eight hours daily at the same desk, five days a week, promotes a sedentary lifestyle. This fosters laziness, stifles creative thinking, and ultimately hampers productivity.

Interruptions & Diversions

While interacting with colleagues is valuable, an office setting brings forth numerous distractions. Unwanted interruptions from colleagues, impromptu meetings, and a noisy ambiance create significant diversions in the office. 

Additionally, navigating through office politics can at times feel similar to being in a high school drama. Though amusing, these workplace distractions add unnecessary stress that can be avoided. Sustaining productivity and accomplishing tasks become real challenges in the face of such constant interruptions.

Work-Life Balance 

Crafting a work-life balance becomes challenging when work occupies most of your day. Many individuals find themselves compromising their professional growth to achieve a healthier equilibrium between work and personal life. Having to switch jobs or forgo opportunities for promotions, just to have more family time, shouldn’t be the norm. 

What’s So Good About Working Remotely

Oh So Flexible

One of the most appealing aspects of remote work culture is its departure from the traditional 9 to 5 routine. Technically, remote work doesn’t inherently guarantee a flexible lifestyle. However, it grants you the autonomy to manage your tasks according to your own timetable. Remote work empowers individuals to set their own start and end times.

While certain companies used to be overly controlling, most have moved away from closely monitoring hours or constant screen surveillance. Instead, the focus has shifted to the overall results produced by the team. This setup allows people to leverage their most productive periods for task completion, whether that’s at 2 in the afternoon or 3 in the morning. 

More Efficient Meetings

Virtual meetings tend to be more efficient than in-person ones, as people aim to minimize their time on platforms like Zoom. Virtual business meetings follow certain common guidelines that everyone adheres to. These include muting oneself while someone else speaks, utilizing a chat box for questions instead of interrupting the speaker, incorporating timed breaks, and more. 

By adhering to these rules, meetings stay focused, and crucial discussions are ensured. In a virtual environment, significant decisions are reached without unnecessary time wastage. Moreover, the absence of formal business attire has enabled individuals to appreciate their colleagues based on their contributions rather than superficial factors. 

Geographical location is no longer a barrier as individuals can actively participate in crucial business meetings they might have otherwise missed out on. Virtual meeting breakout rooms are more efficient compared to physically assigning people to small groups and navigating the challenge of finding a suitable space amid the noise of a physical room.

Minimizing Time On The Road 

Few things are as exasperating as getting caught in traffic when your destination is merely a short distance away. Pause to consider the stress, frustration, and anxiety you experience each week during your commute. It accumulates significantly. This psychological strain can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Through a remote working setup, individuals can sidestep the unwarranted stress of an additional hour spent commuting during rush hours. Decreased mental fatigue equals improved work efficiency.

Work From Anywhere In the World

While remote work doesn’t always equate to complete location independence, businesses are now forming international teams, affording remote workers the liberty to operate from any corner of the globe. Remote work has opened doors for individuals in small towns and rural regions to seize opportunities, regardless of their geographical location. 

Coworking And Coliving Spaces

Coworking spaces are purposefully designed to foster productivity, setting them apart from cafes and restaurants. While the concept of coworking spaces has existed for some time, the pandemic initially impacted the industry. Nevertheless, it also reinforced the demand for such spaces as more individuals embraced the remote working lifestyle. 

These spaces now host amenities such as cafes, soundproof conference rooms for brainstorming, adjustable sit-to-stand desks, private phone booths or call areas, relaxation zones including nap pods or wellness rooms, and more!

Coliving spaces are innovative living arrangements that emphasize community, shared experiences, and cost-efficiency. These spaces offer private living quarters alongside shared common areas. With amenities like communal kitchens, workspaces, and recreational areas, coliving spaces encourage interaction and networking. 

They cater to individuals seeking affordable yet comfortable living solutions, often located in urban hubs. Coliving’s emphasis on convenience, social connection, and flexibility makes it a compelling option for modern living.

Work & Travel

As vaccines have become widely available and adopted, the digital nomad lifestyle has gained traction. Many individuals now choose to work from charming beach cottages, serene forest cabins, and picturesque locations away from bustling cities. This trend allows people to hold esteemed positions at prominent companies while embarking on journeys across the globe. 

Productivity & Performance

Opting for remote work empowers you to curate an optimal workspace that boosts your productivity. Perhaps you find your focus heightened under softer lighting accompanied by a table lamp, or maybe you thrive with background music. These preferences might be challenging to accommodate in a traditional office setting. 

Remote work grants you the option to create your ideal environment. This flexibility blurs the line between work and personal pursuits, making your tasks more personally fulfilling. When working remotely, individuals often adopt shorter yet concentrated work intervals to efficiently accomplish tasks. 

Smaller Work Weeks

Considerable time tends to be squandered within a traditional office setup. For instance, if an important meeting comes up, there’s often a preliminary session to prepare for. Post-meeting, there might be a follow-up discussion to recap everything discussed. This is merely one instance among many. 

Lengthy hours don’t inherently equate to heightened productivity. In fact, shorter work periods can induce a sense of urgency, propelling task completion. A remote work lifestyle facilitates experimentation with smaller workdays or four-day workweeks. 

More “Me” Time

Carving out time for interests beyond work fosters a balanced lifestyle. Amid life’s hustle, personal passions often succumb to time limitations. Moreover, returning from a taxing workday doesn’t necessarily inspire exercise, hobbies, or side projects. Allocating time for personal pursuits poses recurrent challenges. 

Remote work greatly streamlines engagement in extracurricular activities. Even in sizable corporations, remote roles generally yield heightened autonomy and flexibility. Abandoning daily commutes and time-intensive routines will help you dedicate time to any side ventures you might have brewing in the corner of your brain. 

Ensures Work-Life Balance

Remote work nurtures a more balanced blend of work and personal life. You can design a flexible schedule, effectively managing tasks while dedicating valuable time to family, friends, and even pets. Studies reveal that people acknowledge that remote work contributes to reduced stress, elevated mental well-being, and enhanced self-care practices. 

Notably, a considerable portion of individuals prioritize improved work-life balance as the leading motivation for embracing remote work. The autonomy remote workers enjoy in shaping their work-life integration holds immense significance. It helps curb the risk of excessive workload or burnout often linked to irregular sleep patterns or heightened stress levels.

More Savings!

Remote work provides concrete financial benefits. Imagine the savings from not needing to invest in business attire, except for essential meetings, allowing you the comfort of yoga pants and casual tees. Another clear avenue of savings lies in commuting-related expenses—whether it’s fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, or public transportation fares. 

Your routine of picking up coffee on the way, daily lunch orders, or dining out with coworkers after hours might appear insignificant individually, but their cumulative effect is substantial. However, now that you’re preparing your own coffee and meals, you’re effectively boosting your savings. While remote work might not revolutionize your financial status, it will undeniably contribute to an increased disposable income.


As companies increasingly establish lasting global remote workforces, it’s evident that remote work is here to stay. The substantial advantages of remote work are undeniable, and it’s clear that it will significantly influence the future of work. Indeed, many companies are likely to adopt a hybrid work model, blending remote work with in-office presence. 

Nonetheless, effective communication and collaboration remain paramount when efficiently managing a global remote workforce. Allo stands out as a collaboration, documentation, and communication platform. There are also other platforms like Confluence, Trello, and ClickUp. It’s time to embrace change in your work life in order to bring change to your lifestyle!

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