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Educational Travel Grants: Funding Opportunities for Student Explorers

Student times are the golden era of your time because they’re full of opportunities and offers you, sadly, almost never get as an adult. One of the best things about being a student is, perhaps, a chance to get financial support and travel for your studies at the same time.

If you love research and want to do it, so to speak, in the field, there are myriads of grants and scholarships you can get:

Erasmus+ Program

If your to-see list is full of European cities, in that case, Erasmus+ Program is the best choice for you. Enlisting in this program, you can get a chance to study or get internships in dozens of countries. Although the list of countries participating in this program consists of mostly European countries, there are also some non-Eu options available.

For instance, Iceland, Norway, Turkey, the Republic of North Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Serbia, and some other countries neighboring the EU have also joined the program, opening their borders to welcome new students. The list gets constantly updated, so you should check the relevant data on their official website.

Emory University’s Center for International Programs Abroad

The administration of Emory University stands for embracing the world and making education a global adventure. If you’re dreaming of studying abroad, pay attention to their International Programs (ECCIP). Emory University’s Center for International Programs Abroad offers an impressively long list of countries you can go to.

Enjoy the benefits of different grant programs. Let Emory University spill the tea on scholarships and guide you through the entire study abroad journey. As they say at Emory, they believe in spreading our wings and making the world our classroom.

Road Scholarship

American students can enjoy the benefits of the Road Scholarship program established in 2002. It helps those students who can’t afford to travel together with their peers cover the expenses they aren’t able to cover themselves. The maximum award is $1,000 for individuals and $5,000 for groups, which is more than enough to tour some interesting places.


IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking offers a limited number of travel grants to students who have registered and co-authored an accepted paper in one of their conferences that are held annually. According to their website, they also welcome underrepresented groups from all over the world. Women, minorities, beginning graduate students, and first-time conference attendees are especially encouraged to apply.

Rhodes Scholarships

Picture this – a full ride for postgrad studies at the fancy University of Oxford. They’ve got your tuition, college fees, and personal stipend, and they even throw in an economy-class flight to Oxford. Fancy, right? The Rhodes Scholarship is super old and incredibly prestigious.

It’s all about finding and backing exceptional students worldwide who rock at academics, leadership, and giving back. Anyone from around the globe can try their shot at Rhodes Scholarships. They’re looking for brains, leadership skills, and a heart for making the world a better place.

Marshall Scholarships

Marshall Scholarships are like the friendship bracelet between the US and the UK, so if you are a US citizen with smarts, leadership vibes, and a commitment to making the world a better place, you should shoot your shot. Luckily, they’ve got you covered – university fees, living expenses, a book grant, a thesis grant, and a bunch of other things to make your UK study adventure carefree.

Freeman-ASIA Awards

Freeman-ASIA Awards are on a mission to get more US students exploring East and Southeast Asia. Any US undergrad eyeing Asia for their study abroad adventures is welcome to apply. Never been to the region before? You might get some extra credit. Luckily, these awards help with study abroad costs such as airfare, tuition, and all the bits in between, so no matter your financial situation, they’ve got your back.

DAAD Scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is like the fairy godparent for students dreaming of Germany. They’ve got a ton of scholarships for students at different academic stages. From undergrads to PhD candidates, DAAD has something to offer for everyone.

Are your pockets empty? No worries! DAAD’s got your back. They’ll cover your tuition, living expenses, travel, and health insurance. Whether it’s a short summer course or a full-on Master’s or PhD, they’ve got it.

Agora Study Abroad Scholarships

If you’re signing up to study abroad with Agora Study Abroad, you are a lucky one. All you need to win a scholarship is to write a good essay. However, the competition is harsh, so don’t think it’s going to be a piece of cake. Prepare well, do your research, and check out some essaypro reviews to understand what readers usually pay attention to. Write as much as you can to refine your writing style. 

You should also read some classics to learn from the best authors you can find. If you feel like getting some extra practice, you can register on some platforms as a freelance writer and use money as your motivation to learn to write dashing essays. If you have no idea how such platforms work, go read some FAQs answered in this essaypro review.

These scholarships and programs are like golden tickets, opening doors to international adventures, new friendships, and personal growth. Just remember to read the fine print and nail those applications – you got this!

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