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Misnomers and Downtown Eastside Vancouver

It’s day 5 and I’ve been doing a lot of walking around in downtown Vancouver and along my travels I’ve seen some signs which couldn’t be described as anything other than misnomers. I’m going to post some of them at the end of this but first let me tell you about a trip through the lower downtown east side.

I’m a curious guy by nature which could help explain why I’m doing what I’m doing. I walked with a friend to work today then ventured through the lower downtown eastside to see what was “cracking” @ about 9am on my way to Gas Town. Wow, what blend of people. First off the cross between heaven and hell is basically one street, Cambie. To the west you’ve got a thriving business district and posh apartments, to the east, you’ve got the depths of depravity. The best way I could describe your average citizen on the east part of hasting is an emotionless stare, the literal expression of “the lights are on(sorta) but there is NOBODY home”. Needles I mean needless to say I won’t be going down there again.

After that I made my way to Gas Town which is basically the same area. It’s interesting how Gas Town is a tourist attraction and has lots of people come visit it from around the world but surrounding it is what could only be described as miserable.

The DOGFATHER - Doesn't look like it to me.
Not a big fan of hot dogs as they are crap filled with garbage meat.  That said, I’m still sure he’s not the true “Dog Father”.

Hotel Regal on Granville is anything but regal
Ehhhh yeah … Regal? Really? Misnomer!? I walked by the place, all I could think of was scabies and mites.

Astoria Hotel on East Hastings downtown eastside Vancouver
If the Regal made me think of mites and scabies I don’t even want to know what’s lurking in here. Also “Astoria” I’m sure the Waldorf would love the association if they knew this hole existed on East Hastings.

Empress Hotel in downtown Vancouver

Another gem from East Hastings. I can only imagine the stories if those walls could talk…

I’m off to go for a swim and/or a nap then meet some old friends from high school for drinks tonight. Tomorrow I’m off to Victoria.

That’s all for now.

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