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Double Trouble in Bali

Double Trouble Vodka Red Bull Alley Cat Kuta Bali

There is this little bar in Kuta, Bali called “Alley Cat” or something like that. I want to grab the owner by his collar and yell in his face “ARE YOU INSANE!?” They sell double vodka red bulls for 10,000R or $1. Suffice to say, it’s ridiculous. This update is titled “Double Trouble” as it’s the name of the drink special.

Was going to go to bed early and got to my room, then I stopped by my British friends and decided to go for “just one drink”. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Spent the day hanging at the beach and getting massages. This lady on the street is like “Want a massage, 40,000” I say sure even though I was just going for lunch, had no intention of getting one. That’s why they ask everyone, you never know.

So I get in and she is massaging me, out of nowhere I feel this soft hand on my hand and this lady starts clipping my nails, this other lady starts doing the same on my feet and then this other lady starts massaging my legs. I’ve never had 4 women working on me at once for less then the price of a starbucks coffee. I’ve also never had a pedicure or a manicure, let alone while getting a tag team massage.

Knowing they would want money I waited until they were done and about 20 minutes into the massages. They tell me they want money for it so I say something along the lines of I just came here for a massage, she says your nails were long and dirty, I said “I’m aware of that”. I give them 50,000R($5) and say listen, just wanted a massage here is the $, thanks but I’m outta here. If anyone starts doing something for you without you asking, stop them or be prepared to pay.

Listen, this keyboard blows, I’m getting carpal tunnel just trying to type, one of those horrible “Internet Cafe” type keyboards. Space bar barely works and you have to push soooo hard just to make it register.

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