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Delicious Chinese Restaurants That Foodies Would Visit

Are you a Chinese food lover? If you are then you would want to know the best Chinese food places in Austin. Austin is one city that really knows how to tackle foreign food. It has everything from delicious pasta dishes to authentic Korean food. 

Unlike before, it is very easy to find dumplings, tacos, mapo tofu, noodles etc in Austin now. 

Chinese Restaurants

Chinese Food in Austin

Austin’s history of Chinese cuisine goes a long way. The first Chinese restaurant in Austine was Lung’s Chinese Kitchen. It has been satisfying the residents for more than a half-century now.

Now, the city has a wide variety of Chinese restaurants which offer traditional Cantonese Dimsum as well as Taiwanese Boba. There are some restaurants which also offer Chinese with a Szechuan and BBQ fusion.

One can have a perfect night in Austin with good food and good music. You can dress up classy and enjoy one of the best meals of your life. You can get everything here, from the best Chinese to the best Sushi restaurants in Austin.

Here are 10 of the best Chinese restaurants in Austin:

Sichuan River

Sichuan River is a south Austin eatery. It has delicious traditional Szechuan dishes which would satisfy your taste buds to the core. The restaurant also serves an exclusive American Chinese lunch menu. 

Their specialties are shrimp, mapo tofu, mala chicken, dan dan noodles, crispy pig ears and snow peas. You can order wine, beer, yogurt drinks, and smoothies with your favorite Chinese dishes and have a ball.

Moreover, the restaurant also serves bubble tea in some tropical flavors like watermelon and Chrysanthemum. If you are a bubble tea fan then you are going to love these.

Asia Cafe

The Asia Cafe is a popular Szechuan spot which had to expand and take over the restaurant which was right next door. This restaurant is famous for its starck interior and of course the incredible food.

Some of its famous and mouth-watering dishes are salt and pepper calamari, eggplant with ground pork and spicy fish. Although these are the local favorites, their menu comprises hundred plus items which are equally good, so do give them a try too.

Ho Ho Chinese BBQ

Ho Ho Chinese BBQ is located in the North of Austin. It is a Cantonese Chinese spot which is fairly priced. Families prefer going to this Chinese eatery as it offers Chinese variety of dishes including Chinese BBQ.

If you are a lobster fan, you will find fresh lobster with your favorite seasoning. Other than that you can get a fresh shell crab and a lot of more variety of seafood. They also have the traditional preserved egg porridge which most people prefer. 

Ho Ho Chinese BBQ also offers hot pots, sweet cream buns and the egg white beef soup.

Old Thousand

If you are looking for a dope Chinese with a modern twist the Old Thousand is your pick. It is a restaurant that straddles both the traditional Chinese as well as the American Chinese with a modern twist.

Kung pao cauliflower, jellyfish salad, Chicken feet with house sriracha and char sui bao are what you need to try here. They have some of the best creative dishes which are worth a try.

Julies Noodles

Juilies Noodles started off as a food truck initially but now has expanded into a noodle shop which is quite popular among the locals. It is located in North Austin. Their specialty is the beef-stewed noodle soup which is famous among the youth. 

They also serve lamb-stewed and pork-chopped noodles. Julies Noodles have a delectable wide range of dumplings which are fabulous and are a must-try.

Wu Chow

Are you in search of a place for a Sunday brunch? Wu Chow is your pick. It has a fun and interactive eating experience where you can order bite-size dumplings, fritters and shumai and share them with your friends and family.

You must try their shrimp and leek cakes, cilantro and shrimp dumplings, bean curd with oyster sauce, Shanghai pork soup dumplings and pork potstickers.

Szechuan House

If you are in the mood to have dishes like fish in a fiery sauce, soup dumplings and tea smoked duck then you must visit Szechuan House. You will find it on the north Burnet road in Austin. The restaurant has an exceptional menu that pleases both the Szechuan aficionados as well as the American Chinese lovers.

You can also try their smoked pig face and the sweet and sour pork.


Chinatown is located in three areas. One is north, the other is Westlake and the third is downtown. Surprisingly, it is equally popular in all these areas. What makes it loved by everyone is their menu. You can find all kinds of Chinese specialities here. The restaurant satisfies cravings for all kinds of Chinese street food as well.

Chen Z

Chen Z is a budget friendly casual spot for Chinese lovers. They have definitely the best noodles in the entire Austin at such a reasonable price. If you are looking for delicious ethnic Chinese eatery, Chen Z is the one . You can try stir fry noodles to noodle soups. The restaurant is offering a wide variety of noodles so if you are a noodle fan this is your place to go.

Shabu Hot Pot & Noodle Bar

This is another one for all noodle fans who love to have a hearty meal on those comforting rainy nights. They have in-house noodles and other specialties like Mongolian lamb and cold soba. Shabu has a famous mix-in menu which is fun to order and share with the entire table.


Austin is a city that has everything, from mouth watering food to interesting sightseeing spots. However, if you are a foodie and want to try some of the best Chinese food restaurants in Austin, we have got you covered with the top ten Chinese restaurants in Austin.

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