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Coming Home & EVERYTHING is Different!?

Good day,

Writing this from a suburb of Ottawa, in fact we’re so far out that the next street over is basically just forest, I kinda like it. Anyways it’s a cold rainy day and during the morning run in the rain I was shivering with my teeth chattering, isn’t this JUNE!? What the heck is going on with mother nature? I thought we were getting hotter? Anyways, came home this time and everything is different and guess what? It’s ALL GOOD.

Last time I returned home I wasn’t ready. I was really sick and run down in Macedonia. In fact I was super sick in Romania & the Ukraine which is part of the reason I stayed in Odessa for so long.  By sick I mean run down like your body just didn’t get healthy anymore and when it did, you went on a big move or out to some crazy night club that could best be described as egregious. naturally, it threw you right back into a crazed state of lethargic sickness that I wish on nobody. Afterwards did my first ever Press Trip in Jordan and I went to town writing stories for days each day because that’s how I roll.

Afterwards we made our way to Macedonia and I found myself permanently ill in this small bedroom apartment I rented on top of this lady who spoke no English. On top of that, my family was worried about my grandfather’s health and I decided it was time to “come home”. Well when you come home and you have no real direction, no real “deals going on” and you’re sick… It’s depressing and that is why I wrote this piece here called “What it’s like coming home after a long trip”. I also forgot to add that when I came home, I had no real plan for anything so people were kinda like “ehhhhh, glad you had fun Rob, you gonna like… get a job and stay now!?”

I’m here to say that when you’re coming home but it’s “just a stop over” for a few weeks, it feels great. Currently there is more on the go for “The House of SHABL” than ever before. Also just to make sure I get what I wished for aka “Stop Having a Boring Life”, one of my core businesses got hacked  and isn’t operational but who cares because it will get fixed and life will move on.

Anyways, coming home is bad when it’s like the end of your trip or you’re in serious uncertainty. I can relate to all those who have gone on a crazy voyage only to come home to basically NOTHING except expectations to destroy their circular form and revert back to that square who fits in the square hole, snooze.  Do you know what I’m saying?

Everything is somewhat the same but this time, everything is different coming home, including the house I’m in. This winter, I have plans on starting the construction of the “Casa del SHABL” aka the “Shaggy Lobster” aka whatever else you want. That said who really knows and I may find myself eating curry in India, right? Other businesses are also growing from this business and we’ll just leave it at that, for now…

I wish you a good week and please take heed that if you come home broke in terms of health, wealth or both it will be horrific but if you’re making moves around the world and your life is starting to really find its stride, it’s the best thing in the world because remember, when your mind is right… THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

I’d go on but I have a 8:35am meeting with “Mother Nature” about her lack of performance. Since she is not grilling the streets with sunshine, I’m going to grill her and use colorful language to describe her lack of enthusiasm that I’d never even ponder posting here…

Tips hat,

P.S: Turn off your soap operas and tune into the global one, what will Germany do? The world hangs…

P.P.S: Pause at 5 seconds, notice the SHABL logo, ha.

13 thoughts on “Coming Home & EVERYTHING is Different!?

  1. Welcome home dude – you will be missed once again but I’ll come visit once the new BAP Headquarters is set up overseas 🙂

  2. Ah, I just moved home last week, too. I thought it’d be nice to relax after some tiring travels, but I’m already getting anxious to leave again. Not sure that I want to “get a job and stay” either, haha. But, you’re right–it’s always nice to come back for awhile :]

    1. You need to leave again, simply for the selfish reason that I enjoy looking ta your prolific instagram updates. ;]

      1. Welcome home! We actually just got back home after 5months in Central and South America. We were trying to follow your travel breadcrumbs. haha.

        “I can relate to all those who have gone on a crazy voyage only to come home to basically NOTHING except expectations to destroy their circular form and revert back to that square who fits in the square hole, snooze. ” Word..

        A little strange being back home but we luckily got to spend 5 days in Buenos Aires to acclimate to the domestic routine we were about to put ourselves into again.

        What to do next? Hmmmmm..

        1. Thank you and welcome home to you as well!

          The big question is always “what to do next”. I’m a fan of yours on FB and see most of your updates, hopefully you’ll venture out again. You guys are cool personalities in a somewhat stale space.

          Safe travels!

  3. Ack, I know what you’re talking about! After my trip to Ghana, I came home to “So when are you starting uni?” and financial shit to deal with and most importantly, who knew I would actually MISS IT to sleep in a bed with my two travel buddies? So lonely when nobody’s pushing you out of bed. Just keep yourself busy with travel plans!

    1. It’s a totally different vibe for sure and here I have all these luxuries that are cool but I’m just as happy on a random bed that isn’t so comfortable, has crappy thread count in the sheets but is near the sea.

      Seems like we’re programmed to follow the middle line in the road, most can’t appreciate those who opt to trade their sports car in for a machete and blaze their own through the jungle, so to speak.

      Safe travels!

  4. Hey Rob,
    Great stuff here on SHABL! I’m headed to S America for a year…embarking on my first SOLO international adventure! Thank you for the inspiration; I understand the feeling of being stuck and needing to shake things up a bit. If you have a sec to answer my question that would be rad. What do you think of couch surfing? Would you recommend it or not? I’m not really sure how to get into the loop…
    Best of luck to you!

    1. I’ve never done it but I have heard good things. Also, Larissa who writes the Solo Female column loves it. Good luck, you’re going to have a BLAST!

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